Shanghai Longfeng navigation new pattern of each page is navigation

and now we do Shanghai dragon, the general focus on the second stage is from the search engine, for a new sites, the most reliable and stable flow or ultimately will come from the search engine, we are not portals, no brand effect, not to others to cut directly from our home page navigation. So I think the new site and you do not have to put a lot of attention to the home page navigation above, but to put in the content page; here some people may want to scold me, "you say that navigation is not important?" no, I’m not saying no! Navigation is not important, I mean we do not need to a lot of work on the home page navigation, but on the content of the page navigation above construction, we should make each page navigation "! Let’s see, when we from a search engine or Other propaganda path to get traffic, some people will point home slowly? But we must make relevant content navigation, traffic to let this we derive as much as possible traffic, so we want to be in the relevant content on the page click on the "efforts to try to guide the user we do not visit the click, imagine, since the user from the search engine came to this page, it means interested in the keywords of the page, then we can have the relevant navigation and guide the user to click, I believe still attracted a lot of traffic read more

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Stone Ji analysis of weight secret love Shanghai

4.Alexa ranked

Trust We Related domain

2. page

what is love Shanghai related domain? Love Shanghai related domain is domain:+ domain name, maybe some place called love Shanghai or reverse link chain. The relevant domain website of the higher level of activity, it also is bigger, this time there will be a lot of path to the spider, so love Shanghai will be more understanding of the site, when you get to know the website to make a judgment. It is beneficial to the construction site of the. By contrast words weight is improved. read more

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Simple analysis on the traditional website optimization method

Website optimization method of traditional

website optimization, it is natural to do the search engine rankings. Therefore, the dynamic needs of search engines, have some grasp of. If Google is doing, the algorithm need to know whether there is a corresponding adjustment recently. Do Chinese website, you need to pay attention to love Shanghai, 360, sogou. They need to change some rules, and optimize the observers keen insight. The earlier found the rules, do preventive work on the web. So, to avoid the search engine damage". Such as the recent "chain rule" rules of the publication of the book, let the optimization personnel was shocked, indeed also produced a corresponding adjustment. So, what kind of search engine rankings, do preliminary insight. read more

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Shanghai domain in the end there is no meaning of love

released a more impact, the following

This is the The author also called after

domain:www.sina贵族宝贝.cn out of the results, but I tried, turned 10 and did not find out this title, but the title at domain:www.sina贵族宝贝. Moreover, the scarlet letter part from the picture of that, the author does not use the domain:www.sina贵族宝贝.cn command. Because in the description of a CN, but has not been marked in the scarlet letter. The general that you can think of, love in Shanghai in about www.sina贵族宝贝.cn. And the title will be much, can be said to have more than the love of Shanghai search results showed the largest number, how can one know this love Shanghai, and does not exactly match the title to appear in search results. read more

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Qihoo 360 to reach ZDNet confirmation and noble baby cooperation

in August this year, the Qihoo 360 issued the "three hundred war caused by search engine". A few weeks, the Qihoo will gain 10% market share. Since then, the Qihoo is likely to seek commercialization in the field. Stifel Nicolaus previously reported that 360 dotting advertising platform marketing platform there are many companies willing to help the 360 Qihoo to search an account, can according to the customer demand to provide service to buy keywords.

ZDNet, the Qihoo 360 has confirmed that the company with the baby cooperation message to ZDNet, but refused to disclose more details. read more

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Again instantly search why A rout is like a landslide

immediate bluff."Chinese search in

search for "national team" and the silence of the winter seems like, has also been in hibernation. With a more tone of ridicule, a search team is always to keep silent rhythm turtle speed forward, but recently always a little action, this "behind closed doors" to launch the new product experience, but the results did not achieve the ideal want. Which is one of the representatives immediately. In the early stage of development, immediately invited Deng Ya Ping for its propaganda campaign in the early indeed achieved some results, but the Internet products are not a gimmick and star effect can play a decisive role in the final analysis, you want to survive or rely on strength. Immediately, although there are many resources, the top search team name, but a careful analysis, you will find that all this is false. As the search products, there are many aspects of read more

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An effective method of analytic website PV value increase

page, can be very good to improve the PV value of the site, of course, many of the sites are well aware of this truth, a long article to users very good for browsing, in other words, the article is too long to the user’s first impression is not so friendly, but few users love reading too long this paper, therefore, appropriate paging easier for users to accelerate the speed of reading, but also can improve the PV value of the site. Paging, the best is a question left on a page, the next page to answer the question, so the purpose is to cause the user to browse. read more

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Four cases tell you 90 how to play roadside stalls3 years to burn a 20 million car Yohyo collapse q

some people try to call the friends of the friends of the official car phone, but has no answer. In desperation, they can only go to stick it, micro-blog, know almost post, and through and WeChat put everyone together. Of course, not because of how much they love the company’s products, but because their accounts have a balance of hundreds to thousands, they worry about — Yohyo car team will be swept away the money.

in the past year, IDG capital has invested 15 after 90 venture projects, Peking University Law Master Zhang Tianyi’s "Fu Niu Tang rice noodles" is also among them. IDG partner Li Feng believes that in investment projects, IDG "catch two times early", once the Internet banking, once a young lifestyle and young people entrepreneurship. "After 90, many people have real interest and idealism, created a different way of life, consumption, entertainment, and can be more pure efforts and perseverance."." Li Feng says. read more

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Expert the latest 2016 special island registered company process and costSelf catering platform from

Fifth step

5 service SMS configuration

2, prepared a few company name, then need to check whether

your user side, merchant side, delivery terminal, APP configuration, packaged after completion, you need in major application stores on-line including apple market, millet market, HUAWEI market, etc. to provide users with your download

1 domain name and server purchase

7, the shareholders are prepared to electronic certificates now register, use the whole process online, use the electronic signature. read more

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After optimization of the incoming Scindapsus decide on what path to follow

at this time, 360, which is clean, safe and trusted search engine. Soso, Sogou also actively respond, as if in a cup of soup. As everyone knows the story of the wolf, who dare not say this one and that one another. Who said no to the memory of Google, although still so far away.

this time, love Shanghai fight is to promote the soft, to do is to increase scrutiny, increase penalties and spread to undertake site. >

July 1st, the party’s birthday, is also an important moment of the return of Hongkong to the embrace of the motherland. The great love of Shanghai, to this day, the domineering side exposed left There is nothing comparable to this a pen, do not know the reason is whether the announcement of the 2 update algorithm Scindapsus? Too many people forget that Scindapsus came, the heart of the panic. Today there are Scindapsus algorithm 2, or similar to the Shenzhou series, there is always green No. 10. Then, said the upcoming pomegranate read more

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Website main keywords mistake is also a waste of effort

here is to discuss the main site keywords determined. The main keywords, we usually set up in the home key, the station around the optimization and promotion of a backbone, below to carry on the analysis.

look at the above picture, love Shanghai search found kitchen appliances is a big brand kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, disinfection cabinet, lampblack machine, gas stove, oven, microwave ovens and other appliances. With the theme of the site cleaning machine, air purification, kitchen water purifier without much contact. So the use of keywords and focus of kitchen appliances is a big mistake. read more

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Wang Shifan do Shanghai Longfeng work can change a person

so, Shanghai Longfeng workers should pay more attention to deal with the relationship between work and family, better allocation of time, do their own work plan.

Shanghai dragon friends all know that patience is very important for a Shanghai dragon worker! We took over a site to the home page ranking from the hands of customers is long, boring, boring. Also, after we do the top of joy and suddenly fell out of the 100 gap between the heart, we need to use a calm attitude to face, everything will be fine, believe in yourself, believe that the site, Shanghai read more

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Using footprints to look for the chain resources

bought the Zac "Shanghai dragon combat code", and learned what is Footprints, here to share about how to use footprints to look for the chain resources.


this query you can mix. In general, footprint query you enter more complex, you can harvest the number of sites will be less. But those sites not for you certainly don’t need, so a good adjustment with the query, make sure you can get a large available list.

(more than 3 screenshots are discuz, dedecms, emlog "powered by footprint". read more

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The last day of Shanghai snapshot and ranking data correction you pay attention to what

back to the topic, combined with the above problems, in the observation of love Shanghai station official platform recently have not been what happened, so lonely brother speculation may be lead to love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot, ranking data with varying degrees of correction in what test. According to the lonely brother recently observed, the correction data are basically in the 7.28 weeks before the Shanghai love more data, but does not rule out the anomalous behavior of Shanghai love is love Shanghai natural adjustment results, whether the details, please look forward to the official Shanghai love > read more

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The method for the chain high weight website

fourth: public sponsorship >

: then the first resource exchange. Here is a typical case is that a webmaster has a big database, and his website xinhuanet贵族宝贝 high weight using these data to exchange a one-way link. So we may have such a doubt, we do not own so much resources ah, right? You have to ask yourself what resources you have? Say you have your paper library, or that you have a lot of pictures, or that you have a lot of original video and so on. These can be used as your resources. If you make good use of, can be switched to some high weight links. For example, you have a good product, you find a high weight website to tell him that you give me a one-way link, I give you a discount price. Here I only give you an idea of the specific operation to see how you operate. If you do not have the resources you can give up this, then we look at the second. read more

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How to love Shanghai wise remark of an experienced person can understand the rookie index analysis

three, the author is how to use the

explained by the above simple words, I believe you have some understanding of the love of Shanghai index, then we study the owners love Shanghai index are what we use for the optimization, the author summarizes the points for your reference:

although many webmaster used love Shanghai index, but most people just take a look. The size of index. In fact, its role is far more than that, here to share with you my heart: use

1, love Shanghai index through the analysis of data retrieval Chinese, then to show the intuitive graphical interface, can help users to maximize the value of information. read more

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Keywords low for offbeat competition

method above many people understand, so popular vocabulary can sometimes produce intense competition. So I wanted to be able to expand their thinking to create some words. After practice, I found that this method is feasible.

love Shanghai, Google provides a keyword query tool, the webmaster can use the free love Shanghai index and Google keyword analysis tool to analyze the vocabulary, and find out the suitable that part. As for the use of methods, there are a lot of articles online, I will not repeat them. read more

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How to carry out the website optimization failed two times optimization

is Schindler Shanghai Longfeng recovery website by method of K, we hope to help the Shanghai dragon in Fuzhou released by Schindler printing network www.fzywzx贵族宝贝, please keep the link

adjust the keyword density, keyword density refers to the percentage of words in "all in the text, the number of words appear not more better, more easily instead will be search engine that cheating and punishment, but also should not be too small, there will be no effect, as a control for the best in 2% – 8%. read more

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More product site structure navigation combining to Shanghai dragon

two, with better classification

personally think that this form of design style is not only conducive to users to browse and purchase of optimization to promote their own to do the groundwork, the specific advantage can be used to summarize three points:

horizontal navigation:


now with the development of the Internet, the Internet is not in the "culture" of the people, the audience is more and more widely, which does not exclude people unfamiliar to the website "use", we in the product category, should also try to account for this, such as price classification, a lot of people you love shopping by price form, there is the object and occasion of everyone’s starting point is not the same, such a detailed classification, to better meet the needs of every user, so that they can easily click to buy products. read more

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Love of Shanghai to share how to use to make a tiger with wings added website optimization


[first]: love Shanghai to share what role for the website optimization

step two: when we find one or two satisfied each brush and join into QQ group >

(1) virus forming effect, accelerate the website promotion. The term "share" and the climate has become the mainstream of the Internet era, as long as your site quality, can really bring value to the user, once a successful share will be like once reproduced, "Gangnam style", to produce the virus from the chain effect, and make your site "fire it up". read more

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