How to promote the industrial development of Sichuan Sichuan

is a vast country, many Chinese cuisine is very rich, the famous Sichuan in the market is self-evident! The reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, "the taste of Sichuan celebrate the new year – Beijing · launched in Beijing Sichuan delicacy Hui day before. Beijing · Sichuan Hui delicacy "is the people’s Government of Sichuan province since the start of 2017, in the province’s first promotion activities organized by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, to set off a new upsurge of 2017 Sichuan new year goods pay New Year’s call activities, to further promote the industry to accelerate the development of sichuan. read more

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nnovation and Entrepreneurship the old industrial base ushered in the two venture

innovation and entrepreneurship era, people attach importance to creativity, therefore, the old industrial base to develop the need for reform and innovation. The important speech made on the development of northeast old industrial base in the "13th Five-Year" period, the old industrial base in the two venture.

  whether from the northeast, or from the perspective of national development, to achieve the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China is of great significance. The positive significance of the CPC Central Committee to the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China, so that I am from the old industrial base of state-owned enterprise representatives were encouraged." In the afternoon of March 7th, the delegation of Heilongjiang group meeting, the National People’s Congress of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin motor factory limited liability company deputy general designer Wang Bo talked about feelings, said that good policy also depends on the internal driving force, but also down to earth to dry out the results. read more

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After the shop operators also need to do three work

Spring Festival is over, all walks of life began to carry out arranged in good order, many people would be at this time to relax, resulting deceived, especially some shopkeepers. With the festival business pace slowed, many retail customers busy heart began to relax. I think, after the buffer period, retail customers to focus on the "three".

anti cigarette recycling and sales. After the holiday, some consumers will not digest cigarettes during the Spring Festival to retail customers to sell, in violation of the "Regulations for the implementation of tobacco monopoly law". As a retail customer to clearly recognize that this is illegal, not only will be subject to the appropriate punishment and will affect the store image. read more

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How to manage a car beauty shop

now more and more people want to proxy auto beauty items, although the industry with good market prospects, but for many new entrepreneurs, especially the lack of business investors, before opening a car beauty shop in the decision, it is necessary to study and master the management skills.

first of all, we are in the process of managing their own employees

whenever successful boss, are outstanding, also there is no lack of boss posture, but Xie Hanchao in the body but can not find the arrogant temper. Reporters in the square car beauty shop to see there are 8 employees, but Xie Hanchao told reporters that the 9, because there are his own. From the opening of the time, Xie Hanchao did not regard themselves as the boss, when not enough manpower, whether it is to pick up the water cannon to do car clean or lying on the table, lift, drill into the car at the end of maintenance, Xie Hanchao are willing to do it yourself. In the words of Xie Hanchao, he is the boss and employee, many bosses every day to his shop and collect some money away, but he is not the same, love work together with employees, we eat the same fun, the staff will be happy, feel respected. read more

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Which ridge easily encountered in the early stages of entrepreneurship

business boom after another, people have to do their own self-reliance is king, the boss, but business is not a simple matter, need to face the very ridge. So in the early days, entrepreneurs who will encounter what Hom? You can learn from the following answers.

said the first stage of entrepreneurship, the first three months is entrepreneurship. This time entrepreneurs tend to have only one idea, this idea has not even formed a product, but did not get the market. This time the entrepreneur is a bit like just on the battlefield of recruits, every day is very excited, to be useful, they can change the world. read more

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Nanjing one day only to buy more than 340 pairs of divorce

face the phenomenon of soaring housing prices, the government of Nanjing to take the purchase of the policy to prevent the behavior of the majority of investment passengers or part of the public to buy a house move. But yesterday is Nanjing purchase on the first day that the implementation of the real estate transaction registration center of overseas Chinese road is still crowded, the market has changed, a lot of second-hand housing owners purchase as "second-hand housing supply", have a price hike. Some developers had a false start, some developers to postpone the opening, some developers high-profile claims will be price increases. read more

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Entrepreneurship shop to understand how to create atmosphere

if there are a lot of people in a shop to buy, even if the price is not cheap, but you will not come forward to join the fun, fancy will also buy immediately? In fact, this is the atmosphere. The so-called atmosphere is around a certain theme, through the layout of the environment, so that people feel a sense of unity atmosphere.

during the Spring Festival, every family will carefully cleaning the house, paste antithetical couplet, lantern, firecrackers, in order to create a Chinese New Year festive atmosphere, so that they can enjoy the family time in a relaxed mood. read more

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Hebei financial investment situation is still fermenting a number of high level survey was taken awa

is an enterprise, in the development of the market, if you are not able to size up the situation, advancing with the times, it is easy to be out of the market. This time, Hebei financial investment situation is still in fermentation, resulting in a number of high-level investigation was taken away. On the specific situation, we look at the following detailed reports.

Hebei financial investment situation is still in fermentation. The day before the news, Hebei financial investment in a number of senior survey was taken away, so this is the debt collection company creditors queuing deeper into crisis, and behind the expansion of business guarantee ultra violations by the market attention again, reflects the guarantee industry chaos once again lead to hot. read more

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How colorful cold noodle special snack in Shaanxi

features delicious snacks, in addition to Shaanxi’s colorful cold noodle what kind of delicacy? How delicious, colorful cold noodle, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you to join the colorful cold noodle project, is very interested in hurry!

a cold noodle brand founder, Shaanxi cold noodle, China Post Bar main cold noodle business school founder Zhu Jun said: in the dog days, everyone has a special liking for cold noodle, give you a simple method of making seven of the cold noodle. read more

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Gustin cake shop what to join support

Gustin cake brand is a part of the old cake shop in Hongkong brand, of course, as a feature cake to join the project, the cake shop is a very popular with consumers and investors to welcome the project of Gustin. So hot how to join the brand? What are the advantages, but also to give investors who join support? Look at the following Xiaobian for everyone to do specific:

Gustin cake shop profit advantage:

1, the headquarters of the stable supply of materials to ensure that your profits reached the highest read more

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How to operate a coffee shop

needs to enjoy life quality, quality of life, in the moment of continuous improvement, to open a restaurant franchise is the dream of many entrepreneurs, people on the quality of life of the increasingly high demand today, and this kind of quality coffee has been the Western-style food delicacy the love of the people. The coffee market is becoming more and more popular, many young fashion people like to go to the coffee chain stores, invest in a coffee chain stores, return is also high. How to open a chain of coffee shops to see what the operating elements of it? read more

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How to choose a good electric unicycle

now with the wheelbarrow is constantly being familiar with public awareness, more and more consumers will choose to buy an electric wheelbarrow as the best choice of transportation. It is not only a wheelbarrow movement, can exercise, can also be used as a means of transport are. Here, teach you how to see how to buy several electric unicycle good methods and techniques.

1, look at the electric unicycle manufacturer

to choose the regular manufacturers of the wheelbarrow, because the current market is large and small manufacturers of dragons and fishes jumbled together, unicycle too much, dazzle you. First regular manufacturers have their own R & D team, price and quality are guaranteed. Some wheelbarrow is direct OEM sales, not only the quality is not guaranteed, but also the existence of security risks. read more

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Digital analysis of the status quo of China’s fast food industry

food and clothing is the most entrepreneurial venture of the small entrepreneurs. At present, China’s most popular choice is to join the popular fast food chain, in line with the people’s daily consumption. Today for you to analyze the development trend of China’s fast food industry.

in recent years, the fast food restaurant project repeatedly by joining the love. Fast food industry can be described as a fire again, fast food is very suitable for Chinese people’s eating habits, especially in the fast-paced second tier cities. Chinese fast food after nearly ten years of study, the introduction of Western fast food management technology and the concept and means of processing, began to perk up, wings growing, began to try cooking standardization, kitchen factory, business chain and scale. read more

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Cultivate loyal consumers to do three

no matter how good the product, but if you want to make business development, naturally also need to have a more substantial number of consumers. Of course, the opening of a new consumer is often more expensive than the development of a loyal consumer. Therefore, if you want to make a good business, may wish to cultivate loyal consumers. Consumers are the source of retail business, only to find ways to stabilize and expand the source, in order to ensure a good business. Admittedly, to some extent, it is restricted by objective factors, such as geographical environment, traffic conditions, economic development level, but also its own business philosophy and behavior. read more

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Million super glasses shop in the store launched alliance mode to help the glasses shop to achieve O

O2O, one of the most popular vocabulary, the mobile Internet industry today, to give more individuals to participate in the opportunity to share this feast. In all walks of life have to test the water, the traditional optical shop is no exception, how to get rid of the plight of performance is declining? In the wave of mobile Internet, how to find new business model shop development? How to play O2O? How to realize the optimal input and output need? What kind of thinking? What kind of talent? What technology? How quick step, seize the opportunity, the future development mode, it will be locked to win in the future? All the glasses shop facing the problem of read more

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Henan 9 colleges and universities to obtain the basic ability of the construction of colleges and un

for the development of education is always can not be ignored, for the construction of the basic environment of education is imperative. According to the defects of our country’s educational resources, we set up the basic ability construction project of the central and Western universities". In this project, 9 universities in Henan to get support in the future, these 9 universities infrastructure will be to develop further, will attract a lot of excellent students to learn, to the vast number of students to provide a better learning environment. read more

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