My story with domain name true story by beijing2008

how do I know the domain name

in March 2006, when I opened the game servers, on the understanding of the domain name, then do not know what is the domain name, only know to use it, do not know how to register, so every time the service has to ask my friends to help me get a domain name, but now I know that to me is two level domain name asked him to help me forward, I do not know how to use the domain name, and then I know the beginning of the domain name.

how do I register the first domain name read more

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Analysis OpenSSL bleeding heart the most dangerous site security vulnerabilities

lead: two web server Apache and nginx one of the most popular use OpenSSL. Overall, these two servers accounted for about 2/3 of the total number of global sites

U.S. News website Vox on Tuesday, the day of the release of OpenSSL bleeding heart loophole for a comprehensive interpretation.

below is the full text of the article:

what is SSL?

SSL is a popular encryption technology that can protect the user’s privacy information transmitted over the internet. When the user access to and other security sites, will be in the URL address next to see a "lock", indicating that you are on the site of communication information are encrypted. read more

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29 ways to promote web content

how to increase site traffic? Here are 29 ways you can consider. Among them, you may have adopted some of the methods you may have forgotten to use, there are some you have never heard of. In short, here you can end up to the current effective website promotion methods. First of all, you must understand, website promotion is a long-term and systematic process, need to develop clear goals and plans, and make the appropriate preparation.

to the site’s most important keywords in the main search engine ranking, this is the search engine promotion of the most important strategy. Search engine search robot will automatically search the web content, so the search engine strategy from the optimization of the web page. read more

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Millet secret 1 flat and fans marketing truth


editor in chief: wrong knife

Lei also fell phone.

In August 19, 2011

, a forum in Beijing garage coffee on the question facing the netizen "domestic copycat goods", Lei Jun took out a mobile phone, mobile phone fell in public demonstration. The other two millet co-founder Li Wanqiang, sitting beside Zhou Guangping, is xinjingroutiao. "The first two mobile phone fell once in Millet conference table, covered with a carpet, a demonstration of the SAT is Lei Jun. But this time, the garage coffee can real marble, ray always head high, standing throw, no matter how good the quality of the mobile phone hanging read more

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nterpretation of the electricity supplier in order to stimulate the sales of the three kinds of dig

must be in real life, many people have encountered such a scene: in a downtown area in front of the shop, placed in a sound, a sound hard wares, such as the entrance of the store hung "clearance prices only three days", "before the renovation of large stocks, only three days." advertising. Do you find one of the marketing tools, that is, with the help of the figures, the number of businesses to create a kind of the village did not have the atmosphere of the store, causing the attention of consumers. Of course, this is only a means to stimulate consumer spending in a few days you go to the store to see, may still stay in the last 3 days". read more

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Alibaba chairman of the board Ma

Ma Yun speech (Han Lianwei photo)


technology news May 24th morning, sponsored by the Alibaba of the group second network engineers Knight line conference held in Hangzhou, Alibaba chairman of the board Ma made a keynote speech at the conference, he hoped that each man will have to produce network, active and effective role of the network technology, and promote the economic China change and social harmony. Sina science and technology for the exclusive support of the current session of the general assembly. read more

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Dismantling Tmall worry free purchase Alibaba stealth strategy exposure

Ali to make 102 years of business, data and technology driven "smart + service" is the foundation and core competitiveness." As one of the eighteen founders Ali Lohan, Alibaba’s chief customer service officer (CCO) Kardashian rarely appeared in public view.

in July this year, Alibaba’s customer experience division, rookie network, Tmall’s three division jointly launched the Tmall worry free shopping, and she led the team to the surface. On the face of it, branded service brand Tmall worry free purchase is more like a comprehensive service for consumers to upgrade, but behind it revealed a strong strategic meaning. read more

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Roseonly Flower electricity supplier how to play concept card

Tencent technology Xu Shuzhi reported on October 29th

with the increasingly clear pattern of electricity providers, the field of interest in the field of electricity providers have been greatly inferior. In such a market environment, flower electricity supplier Roseonly successfully obtained up to nearly ten million U.S. dollars B round of financing, once again aroused the attention of the industry.

it is reported that this is a flower vertical electricity supplier Roseonly in the establishment of less than a year’s time to get the third round of investment, the speed of financing almost record. read more

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Financial crisis caused by the beautiful encounter Taobao fund

First close contact with the Taobao

and the fund has triggered a financial tsunami, the greater significance is self-evident, but this beautiful encounter actually also let Taobao is not only in the teeth of the storm, led to fierce competition in the electricity supplier industry is also based on the traditional financial sector challenge, in terms of flush and day fund net and three party funds, the balance of treasure Alipay has become their potential adversaries.

platform to seize the current fund read more

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Daily topic Zhongguancun online or will be sold T vertical portals to eliminate

A5 ( station network January 8th news, recent news that CBSi will sell Chinese Zhongguancun online’s IT website, only a few love card network website.

CBSi senior vice president Liu Xiaodong confirmed to the media, vertical portal Zhongguancun online will be independent from the CBSi group, and even does not exclude the possibility of future listing. For a lot of speculation that the industry will be involved in the Jingdong, Liu Xiaodong said the online action of Zhongguancun and Jingdong no relationship. read more

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Sources said the Top100 10 million acquisition of a music

According to

July 18th news sources, recently the Top100 to $10 million acquisition of a musical. After the completion of the acquisition of the two companies will be the concept of China Pandora seek listing in the United states.

according to the source, the total price of the acquisition of $10 million, of which 5 million in cash, stock was $5 million. After the completion of the acquisition, music will become the largest legitimate online music company. According to industry analysis, one is to follow the United States Jujing acquisition of streaming music service provider Pandora, push the concept of "cloud music", and the concept of "Chinese Pandora" on the NASDAQ to seek listing. read more

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Cai Wensheng only 2 5 of the world’s nternet market in China the United States and half of ndia

Abstract: not only in Hongkong, Taiwan is very difficult to achieve the success of the Internet, even Japan and Germany have 100 million people, they are the top high-tech world, also do not very large Internet Co, the key point is to return to the user scale.

Lite notes

first, the advantages of China’s existing business:

1, the largest market

2, the most active capital environment

3, up to the most entrepreneurial

two, China’s Internet business iteration process:

1, copying the American model read more

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Tencent vice a large number of pornographic account thunder seized suspects arrested

Yesterday (September 14th)

news, announced the group Tencent thunder action project, since this year the "anti pornography net net 2014. Since the special action, the Tencent closed suspected prostitution WeChat account more than 70, suspected of spreading pornographic public account more than 3000, more than 90 porn QQ Feng Ting account, pornographic audio and video processing file hundreds of nearly one million, and prohibit the spread of malicious links. At the same time, the thunder action also jointly released by the Shenzhen police cracked the case of the use of the public platform for the dissemination of pornographic information. read more

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Hurun brand list 200 Taobao CBC ranked second Sohu failed

2015 most valuable Chinese brands top 10

[TechWeb] September 18th news reports, the report Research Institute released a "2015 Hurun brand list" report, released the 200 most valuable brand Chinese, which owned 101 brands, 99 brands of state-owned Tencent, the list ranked first, Taobao beyond the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Mobile, Baidu ranked second.

in the "2015 most valuable brands Chinese", Tencent’s brand value of 277 billion yuan won the "most valuable Chinese brand"; Alibaba’s brand Taobao brand value of 266 billion yuan, China Mobile and Baidu in the ICBC brand ranked second; in addition, China Mobile ranked third, Baidu fourth, industrial and commercial Bank of China fifth. read more

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Daily topic Honey bud to complete the D round of 150 million financing pattern of maternal and chil

A5 ( 17  stationmaster net news yesterday, September; domestic maternal electricity supplier honey bud announced the completion of $150 million D round of financing, led by Baidu, the red capital, H  capital and other existing shareholders and a number of US private equity fund with investment, the latest valuation of nearly 1 billion dollars.

is the largest import Chinese honey bud baby brand sale mall, located in providing high quality for a growing middle class family Chinese one-stop global shopping experience. Honey bud honey bud baby, formally launched in March 2014, then in the same year in June and in December has been Sequoia Capital $20 million B round and H  Capital  $60 million C round of financing. Just a year and a half, has been the rapid growth of the domestic electricity supplier maternal leader. read more

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Network nformation Office shut down thunder service false information dissemination of pornographic

thunderbolt pop (map)

Tencent Francisco December 8th message, according to reporters today learned from the state Internet Information Office, the National Network Information Office recently reported according to the masses, on the spread of pornographic and vulgar information and false rumors of thunder take measures to shut down the service window.

National Network Information Office of the relevant person in charge, according to Internet users to report and verify that the thunder pop service spread false rumours and pornographic and vulgar information, especially the relevant information is particularly concentrated information "section, the impact is very bad. In order to regulate the service window, to curb the use of pop dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information behavior, the national network information office network letter instructed the Guangdong provincial departments of these problems were investigated. At present, the thunder information service has been shut down the window. read more

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Content ecology is not only open hundreds of Baidu launched mobile Web Accelerator


technology news September 2nd afternoon news, Baidu officially announced the opening of Baidu 100 in the 2016 World Conference on overweight, content distribution. In order to ensure the content of the page reading fluency and user experience, Baidu technology simultaneously launched a mobile Web Accelerator (MIP).

MIP was recently launched by Baidu’s open source project, which is the core of opening a set of technical standards used in the mobile web, by providing the MIP-HTML specification, the MIP-JS runtime environment and the MIP-Cache page caching system, mobile web acceleration. read more

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On the DNS system is facing serious security vulnerabilities risk emergency announcement

            national computer network Emergency Response Coordination Center on the DNS system is facing serious security vulnerabilities emergency announcement:

Security Bulletin: CN-VA08-05

release date: July 24, 2008

vulnerability type: Spoofing

vulnerability assessment: important

security level: level three

Openness: public

vulnerability Description:

since July 9, 2008, CISCO, Microsoft, ISC and other Internet DNS software vendors have released a security bulletin, called the DNS software in the presence of high-risk vulnerabilities, an attacker can guess the message sequence number DNS parsing process to fabricate the DNS authority server response, so as to achieve the "pollution" cache (Cache) in the record the purpose is pointing to the wrong domain name information into DNS servers, resulting in contamination of the DNS server will provide analytical results wrong. This attack can result in domain name hijacking attacks, making the public through the domain name to the hacker to visit the designated website, facing a series of serious security threats such as phishing and web trojans. read more

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To enter the field of ganji com dating on free market impact

day before, China classifieds site Ganji announced the largest and most complete, dating platform on-line in July 1st. Prior to the introduction of pre registration activities, has exceeded 100 thousand registered users mark. Go to the market the main push reliable dating dating, is different from general dating websites, dating platform based service free of charge.


Jiayuan, Lily network, cherish network dating website profit pattern is for membership fees, the launched a high-profile dating platform is a symbol of a slice of read more

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Former president of the media in twenty first Century such as Shen Hao was transferred to the Shang

, according to Xinhua news agency, February 28th, Shanghai police revealed that the former president of the media in twenty-first Century, Shen Hao, Limited by Share Ltd, and so on more than 30 suspects were transferred to the prosecution of the day of the prosecution, involving a number of charges.

it is understood that the original twenty-first Century media Limited by Share Ltd president Shen Hao more than 30 suspects involved in the crime of forced transaction crime, including the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on non state staff and the crime of bribery, embezzlement and other cases of individual crime, involving hundreds of billion yuan. read more

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