The rescue of gold 72 hours is running out fast to open their lives

rescue golden 72 hours to run out, stop talking start action.

tip: after the occurrence of geological disasters, such as earthquakes, during 72 hours, the survival rate of the victims with the passage of time showed a trend of decline. On the first day (i.e., within 24 hours), the survival rate of the rescued persons was about 90%; on the second day, the survival rate was 50%-60%; on the third day, the survival rate after 20%-30%. was not viable. From the experience of the Tangshan earthquake and other disasters, 10 Yu Tian after the disaster there are examples of survival, but that is a special case. read more

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Robin Li expounded new thinking big data find valuable data is difficult

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) what is "there will be a big development in the next 5 years, BAT and will not do? Yesterday at the 2014 Baidu Union summit, Baidu CEO Robin Li share the two directions of the presence of coalition partners: the new enterprise software and new data.

in Robin Li seems that the future is a direction of big data analysis. A lot of data are worthless, especially for traditional industries. Now the data explosion, to solve the problem of excessive information explosion data." read more

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The Ministry reminded the site sponsor website record through formal channels

    Admin5 webmaster network on April 26th, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the latest news on the official website, the website of the website for the record to remind organizers through formal channels, the Ministry official website for the work without any form of "quick record", and do not charge any fees, beware of deception.

webmaster network editor noted that a recent period of time often reflect the site for the record number of their owners were unprovoked cancellation, which may be related to the record number by looking for someone to record or host information and website to record when the identity is not consistent, contact with relevant error. In view of the filing process provisions of the Ministry of filing center is more complex, many personal Adsense online through some proxy filing units or individuals on the site quickly for the record, according to the filing of the speed, the price ranging from 150-350. Because many are the personal agent for the record in the operation, there is no guarantee in terms of credibility, once the record number is canceled on the website with the domain name will be immediately removed IDC’s white list, the website is not normal access to the website, the founder of varying degrees of loss, so a lot of personal webmaster also looking overseas to avoid the host record and I also suggested that the relevant departments to simplify the filing process and support more young entrepreneurs through the Internet to conduct business. read more

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Net loan platform group net loan 665 million yuan sold A shares instrument manufacturers

group loan network to provide Internet credit channel financial services

[TechWeb] reported on June 8th, A shares of electronic instrument manufacturers Ning Ning to spend 665 million yuan acquisition of P2P net loan group net debt of $66%.

listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Shenzhen haoningda meter (hereinafter referred to as haoningda) announced to pay the equity to the acquisition of Guangdong Jun special group lending network information services Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as net lending group) 66.0027% stake in the latter valuation of 665 million 276 thousand and 700 yuan. read more

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Li Jiaoshou vice president of Baidu will be second Prince

today, Baidu announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned Beijing by Mdt InfoTech Ltd, the company founder, renowned marketing public "author Li Jingxie Lee beast team joined Baidu, vice president, Li Jing himself is still responsible for information technology companies were the original scientific creative marketing tools business, reporting to senior vice president Xiang Hailong Baidu. This means that only 25 years old Li Jing became the youngest vice president in Baidu.

as a 90 after the media entrepreneurs, Lee became the Internet giant VP, can be said to achieve a huge leap. Some time ago has been recognized as Baidu vice president, poor prince Li Mingyuan has been blasting the resignation, caused by various conspiracy conjecture. Lee is now the beast’s occupancy, it is inevitable that he was not allowed to go before the youngest Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan a comparison. Because the public is more familiar with Li Jiaoshou, so in the following refers to the founder of Lee beast that founder Li Jing. read more

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Ma Yun and a new version of the new market strategy

      today received a phone call Mom, I thought I was advertising is sold out, but the phone inside the MM is very polite to ask me, my website put their ads? I should be extremely depressed! I’m not what is a large site, not essential. But the truth is the flow is not very high


      and playing on my private phone! I this number for how do I nets are eyeing Ali? With the full web page is the advertisement of the mom, I want to China the Internet again by Ali to seduce strange ah!!! Next should a large group of down advertising… Including Google advertising program. read more

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The Ministry of public security against Transnational telecommunications fraud 254 criminals were es

November 10th 9 pm, four aircraft from Indonesia Jakarta, Kampuchea Chinese charter flights took off in Phnom Penh landed in Beijing’s capital Shanghai, Pudong, Hangzhou, Xiaoshan and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, 254 suspects were escorted home China police. So far, the national telecommunications network governance model against the special criminal action won the first battle, involving more than and 20 provinces in mainland and Hongkong more than 4000 large cross-border telecommunications fraud successfully solved. read more

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Dongguan fourth nternet Conference will be held in December 20th

Internet industry in the past ten years of rapid development, now presents the trend of the four: personalized, interactive, social and regional. The Internet has gradually shifted from the edge of a product, the transition to the world wide attention and application of the central focus. Not long ago, the Shenzhen municipal government adopted a decision, since the beginning of this year for 7 consecutive years, a total investment of 3 billion 500 million to revitalize and develop the Internet industry. At the same time this year, our network culture association of Dongguan was proclaimed, indicating the government departments concerned to accelerate the development of the Internet industry’s determination. read more

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Network nformation Office strengthen the barrage network broadcast and other new product safety as

IT home hearing, according to China news network news, August 17th China National Internet Information Office held a forum in Beijing, the main responsibility for the implementation of online information management website put forward eight requirements.

eight requires a clear, engaging in Internet news information service website to establish the editor of responsibility, editor of news content to guide the creation and production of communication activities and overall responsibility, improve the editor and the core content of management staff, management, evaluation and withdrawal mechanism; release of information should be oriented and correct, accurate facts and source standard and legal compliance; enhance the ability of information security technology, the construction of news writing audit system, strengthen the safety assessment on the webcast, barrage and other new products, new applications, new features on the line. In addition, the website also should strictly implement 7× 24 hours duty system, establish a sound management system, improve the user comments, registration and management system, strengthen the construction of content management team reported receiving work. read more

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Firefox Google YAHOO to abandon the default search engine


and Mozilla today announced the two companies signed a 5 year contract, YAHOO will become the default search engine in the Firefox browser PC and mobile terminal; and after Firefox search has been on to complete Google.

in December this year, YAHOO will also launch an enhanced version of the search for Firefox users, will also support Firefox are not tracking (Do Not Track) function. The contract also involves future product integration related matters, but the two companies did not disclose details. read more

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