Month: May 2017

People pay more and more attention to the background of health afternoon break huge business opportu

In fact,

business opportunities can be trained to see if you have a pair of eyes found. Lunch break, there is a huge business opportunities, especially in the context of people more and more attention to health.

white-collar Wang 12 noon into the office, was a scene in front of a scare: usually open office hall, placed a dozen the beach chairs spread all across in confusion, the entire office seems to have become a "resort".

white-collar lunch time to health

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Small shops location skills

different types of shop location method, on the site, there are a lot of points can be said, today Xiaobian to tell you that the location of small shops skills. Such shops operating area is limited, you can choose more than the address, if you find the right location? If you don’t know, you can take a look.

the first one: Market Research to make effective circle analysis

to open a good shop, a market research can hardly be avoided. From a professional point of view, it is the analysis of the business district, popular is to investigate and analyze the scope of the store’s sales, store customers to the characteristics and geographical location of the living environment. Because of the different geographical location of shops, suitable for different types of business. Therefore, investors in the site, we must first carefully observe the situation, such as the shopping district of the passenger flow and traffic flow is much, the number of competitors within the District, etc.. In general, larger traffic field all city commercial center, train station, bus station, bus station, commercial pedestrian street, near the university campus gate, popular tourist attractions, a large wholesale market entrance and large and medium-sized residential area etc.. Because these places belong to the commercial focus area, heavy traffic, shop in the bustling lively area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary lots. However, in the specific selection of shops, should pay attention to the business district is not easy competitors too much, the best of the same kind of merchandise franchise stores do not exceed three. read more

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China’s top ten blood brands list

is perhaps the pressure, perhaps is because of people’s lifestyle is not the law, perhaps because of inadequate nutrition, in short, the blood drug in the current market has a very high popularity, has been a lot of people’s trust. Here, the small series to introduce China’s top ten brands of blood, so that everyone on this market blood products have more understanding.

blood (nourishing) refers to the blood of the drug treatment of blood deficiency. Blood deficiency with pale or sallow complexion, lip a pale, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, palpitations, menstruation or amenorrhea, pale tongue, thin pulse disease. read more

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Men’s clothing should pay attention to what point

relative to women, men are more concerned about the quality of the clothes, which naturally requires men’s clothing store needs to do a good job related to the exhibition. However, want to display more satisfactory effect, naturally has more attention. So, men’s clothing should pay attention to what point? Let me see small series of.

in the clothing display, menswear display is the most simple and easy, simple is being displayed without a lot of things, but it can reflect the characteristics of the product; complex because it is in the basic display time should focus on innovation, in order to attract the attention of consumers, but also to reflect its grand and magnificent, noble and elegant. The characteristics of. Men’s clothing in many ways reflects the kind of simple leisure, calm and steady style, we should pay attention to the store display in accordance with the style of clothing and brand culture. read more

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What are the disadvantages of traditional chafing dish restaurants

The traditional

Hot pot shop has many disadvantages in operation, so it is modern criticized by consumers, if you want to make new Hot pot shop, consumers do not need to know the love of traditional shops in what ways to find problems to correct one by one, to bring consumers a new look.

1. traditional hot pot shop, no matter how many people are in a pot of fish, who’s chopsticks are in the rinse, so easy to let the bacteria infection. However, the use of a small pot is a pot of a person’s way of eating, eating their own pot, no longer do not clean, health concerns. read more

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Good news Chinese version of Disney Anhui Chaohu in the planning

for the people of Anhui, Hefei, Xiaobian below to introduce you, you can pay attention to the! The first is the "Chinese version of Disney in Chaohu planning, followed by the establishment of digital hospital will be located in the new station and gene treatment base, we understand together below.

Chinese version of Disney in Chaohu planning

Shanghai Disney opening soon, however, the future will rely on the Hefei Chaohu Economic Development Zone, the quality of tourism resources, beautiful natural scenery, with the digital network era animation, game culture as the background, to create one of their own "Disney Chinese". read more

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Choo Ja Hyun open affair hand in hand China Star

after a period of time before Chinese countless boys in mind fairy sister Liu Yifei and Korean artist Song Seung’s relationship was broke, there are more and more fans began to have Chinese male star with Korean goddess.

16, Choo Ja Hyun discloses a long micro-blog in the personal SNS, describes his journey alone came to China development, thanks to the way and give her help, and said after deliberation decided to open my own lover. read more

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Hook greedy Malatang how popular whole

cuisine, is always very attractive to consumers and the franchisee’s line of sight. Want to succeed in business friends, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of business, join the hook Malatang is very greedy, with market development space choice. Check the greedy Malatang to join the project, we should pay attention to and select the!

now, because food is necessary in our life, especially those who are convenient and easy to operate, sales location is not restricted, delicious food is more welcomed by consumers, so investors are more inclined to this kind of product, so the Malatang will hook greedy investors gradually came into view, get the favor of investors. read more

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How to go out of Wugang characteristics of agricultural products to build a new marketing platform

Internet era, many rural areas of agricultural products and to go out and get a good sales in the consumer market, so as to increase the income of farmers, but the sales of agricultural products still cannot do without a strong platform! Recently, the Hunan Municipal People’s Government of Wugang province and Changsha River West Logistics Center and the center of poverty alleviation precise direct marketing of agricultural products formally signed a contract to build a new platform for the exhibition of local agricultural products in Wugang, to help the local poor people become well-off. read more

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Ji’nan proposed medical support combined with a new mode of providing

old man on the age, how will do? For this problem, many people will know or go home, do you live with children in Shandong, Ji’nan, Shandong province is located in the rehabilitation in the Central District of Ji’nan City, the goodness of retirement home, 80 year old Fan Chuncai is doing leg exercise with the assistance of staff, this is a medical support combined the nursing home, the old people can get 24 hours of care in here.

Ji’nan good nursing home is located at the foot of a mountain in southern Ji’nan, although far away from the city center, but the environment is beautiful, quiet. read more

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Double week open era record Chinese

with the decline of the world economic development, China’s overall economic growth is also a slight downward trend, with the GDP growth rate fell below 7 for the first time, China’s economy is in urgent need of more fresh energy to advance. Entrepreneurship will become the main force to promote and support the country in the next few years, the era is coming.

2015 in October, the first four weeks, the first national public entrepreneurship innovation activities week, China is ignited by entrepreneurial innovation passion. read more

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Guangdong to set up a Chinese version of the Qing Dynasty to create college students entrepreneurial

in the face of a large number of entrepreneurial college students, in the school has just graduated, neither money nor experience of the status quo, Guangdong province formulated the relevant policies, given strong support.

Small and micro businesses

entrepreneurial stage, as long as good tax credit, you can get the insurance institutions to provide financing and insurance services; have good prospects for the development of the enterprise, can also be recommended login "China innovation board, and realize the capital market directly to the ground. This is the start was informed that the reporter held from 1 Guangdong tax service "double" spring action cum twenty-fifth tax xuanchuanyue ceremony. read more

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