Month: June 2017

How to run a hot pot restaurant

open a hot pot restaurant should be how to operate? Keep up with the pace of the times, the introduction of a series of multi taste, get a lot of investment entrepreneurs recognition, now has a lot of room for development, let us come to understand the following.

1, strengths and weaknesses. Look at their own hot pot shop or their own, longer than what, shorter than in what aspects. Long is to carry forward, and then avoid the short, do not be a dwarf barely filled high son. For example, your business is not too high, must think you what you like, what are going to the enterprise, tube, your shop, your management will be more and more chaos, so you feel more and more men no more and more to personally intervene, typical into a vicious spiral. read more

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Shop management to pay attention to the four errors

in a busy street location, which is indeed a lot of shops in the current need to do a good job site selection. However, if the location of the bustling streets, you can make money? If you shop in store promotional activities, will be full of customers? These traditional business ideas, misleading a lot of operators. In fact, if you want to successfully set up shop, some business mistakes need to be avoided. So, the shop should pay attention to the four errors?

misunderstanding: busy business circle = make money read more

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Small interest free loans to allow Wu Changxi two successful business

behind every entrepreneurial story, both entrepreneurs pay hard sweat, but also contains the true meaning of the progressive development of entrepreneurship. In the awesome entrepreneurship policy support, more entrepreneurs began to realize the dream, go on a flat road of entrepreneurship.

in the second-hand car market, second-hand car parking management has 10 Wu Changxi. After so many years of hard work, such as this year’s income than before a lot of increase. 5 years ago, in order to make a better life at home, Wu Changxi chose to start their own business. Although engaged in a lot of business, but Wu Changxi admitted that if there is no good policy, there is no small interest free loans to support their own entrepreneurial road will not be so smooth. read more

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Venture capital is not afraid of 4 types of choice

a lot of people want to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, after all, this may give their future more expectations, but also more freedom and sense of accomplishment, but venture capital often become their Achilles heel. Now you do not have to fear, there are 4 types for you to choose!

first types: entrepreneurial vendors. Consumers will not be unfamiliar with the vendors, this business model will usually haunt the crowd gathered, such as the night market, scenic spots, stations and so on. There are two main types: one is in the form of carts, catering mainly to the sale of goods, such as Roasted Chicken, USDA omnivorous, breakfast; the other is to use a big towel or big box, will be placed in the ground or goods of specific local display and sell such goods, clothes, cover and contain everything. Hair, glasses, leather and so on are. read more

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Miss Zhang’s home to join the rich road

is the pursuit of trendy young people groups, since the development of traditional Home Furnishing dimension has been unable to meet the eyes of discerning consumers, in recent years, many young people to join the DIY Home Furnishing sought supplies, supplies industry to bring the prospect of creative Home Furnishing join, join the goods shop Home Furnishing hand-painted money? Many people are very concerned about this issue, which is a blank market, early investment can be a quick profit.

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Suitable for the opening of a good project in rural areas recommended

the development of new rural areas, coupled with the "13th Five-Year" for migrant workers entrepreneurship attention, rural entrepreneurs who wear factory is more and more, choose a good entrepreneurial projects more conducive to successful entrepreneurship. So, what is suitable for the factory? The following have to share, together to explore it!

now people pay much attention to the green carnivorous, especially herbivorous livestock are mainly carnivorous in coastal areas, China’s Hong Kong and Macao welcome, rural development green economy culture is good, such as Cang mountain black goat breeding is a good breeding project, short growth period, strong stress resistance, the meat tender the smell of mutton, and the meat is low, high nutritional value, the current market supply shortage. According to the breeding environment in rural areas, barren hills, fields and other resource rich advantages, can be used for breeding. read more

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Theme hot pot than ordinary hot pot more money King

, as a Hefei man, I feel lucky. Because no matter where you live in Hefei, there is no need to have a taste of a hot pot restaurant. Now, the development of Hefei hot pot restaurant comparable to Chongqing, the pressure is far more than other hot pot catering industry classification. In the famous hot pot brand under the squeeze, if there is no point of innovation, the new brand of hot pot on the point of survival is no chance.

this is not, a few days ago to visit the two new Hot pot shop, without exception, are "theme Hot pot" route. So, theme hot pot is a new way out of the hot pot industry read more

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What is the name of the hotel and what is the note

even if a lot of people know the name of the hotel, but wait until the real name to the shop, but do not know how to carry out the work. In fact, the name of the shop is also a way to master. So, what is the name of the hotel and note? Let Xiaobian for you to see.

, a Chinese are familiar with eight schools Chinese, that is Anhui Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, shandong. However, the most familiar is the Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan, Guangdong four cuisine, you can according to your cuisine to hotel name. read more

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How to decorate the beauty salon

in recent years, the development of the beauty industry is very fast, continue to attract the attention of consumers, but also to bring business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Some people want to open their own beauty salon, in order to quickly enter the market, not only to provide customers with quality services, but also very important store decoration, then how to decorate the beauty salon?

The appearance of

beauty shop, the design of the signboard pattern, the flower decoration and so on can make the beauty salon receive the attention of the customer. Therefore, effectively grasp the move to attract customers in the layout of the appropriate integration, will be able to produce unexpected results. read more

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Why not make friends with customers

everyone in the business process of the client and how to have a set of their own, which many people are trying to do sales with customers to establish friendly relationship, but my opinion is just the opposite, don’t make friends with customers.

Because once you

with customers to establish the relationship between friends, will become more subtle relationship between each other, but this is not conducive to sales reached, we like from the hands of a friend to buy things like when we buy things from the hands of a friend, we often think that the value of the product itself is not imagined so good however, the main reason to buy from the hands of a friend is because of the relationship, the idea that we would feel from the hands of a friend to buy things itself is in the care of friends business friends owe us a favor. read more

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Salary 3 4 thousand your future

is another year of graduation season, will usher in a wave of employment. A lot of people are holding thousands of 3-4 leave the hometown, salary, you may think life is careless, watching television is playing computer, this is enough, but where is the future? The following words please read patiently, there may be some help for your


every year, manufacturing will absorb a large part of the graduates in these new workplace, I find work, when full of longing for the future, their predecessors, has been in the manufacturing industry for several years the brothers and sisters – feeling, they do not know what will happen in the future? They don’t know when it will be abandoned read more

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Several problems must be solved from scratch

only a full understanding of the development of an industry, in order to have a good opportunity to get rich. Rely on information navigation — market information is the start empty-handed clues, to the development of Superman in the imagination and success rate, to tightly bite information from the market, so that different industries and locations, from the customer’s physiological and psychological needs to break through. The establishment of information network, in addition to its creator

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Ou Bangshi home wash service how

The development of

in the industry now, no matter what the industry not only pay attention to what products, products for a long time can be more important is to do service, with service awareness of the industry is now growing, began to advocate more convenient and efficient service mode, such as the automotive service industry is a good representation. Such as home wash, automotive beauty and so on, can let the owners can stay at home for their car cleaning and beauty maintenance etc..

now on the market most car service brand has convenient door-to-door service, the owners also bring more business for the brand shop, is good in many car shooting two birds with one stone, the service brand in Europe, the Bangshi talent shows itself more popular now, become home wash service brand, the brand why so popular? The following Xiaobian to introduce briefly. read more

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