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New development agenda must be peoplecentred realitybased Bhutan tells UN

“This is an opportune moment to define a new era in international development and cooperation – one builds on the successes and shortcomings of more than three decades of internationally agreed development goals, and the Millennium Development Goals in particular,” Lyonpo Damcho Dorji told the General Assembly on the last day of its annual General Debate segment. He said that the post-2015 process must activate real and meaningful change for all countries if it is indeed to be transformative. And for that to happen, the new development agenda “must be anchored on the need for breakthroughs to address the hard ground realities of different countries, especially with regard to capacity and financing for development.”As such, Mr. Dorji continued, a collaborative approach based on an appreciation of the unique circumstances and experience of each country and driven by the desire for true working partnerships among and within countries will be vital.“Such an approach would require changes in our development paradigm, in our very beliefs on the sustainability of the current trajectory of our world and in our behaviour as individuals, which consequently shape our character as a nation and our destiny as an international community of nations,” he said. For a small, least developed and landlocked country like Bhutan, with many indicators below the ideal, “we have to get our development priorities right,” Mr. Dorji said, adding that given his country’s small size and unique circumstances, the lessons Bhutan has learned are not universal but may have relevance for other nations, including its promotion of a home-grown, people-centred development, with people’s welfare and happiness a main objective. Bhutan also promoted good governance, encouraged strong partnerships and encouraged environmental protection. read more

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Foresight brings world expert on future cars to West Midlands

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) EGSHEV – (Engine/Generator Sets for Hybrid Electric Vehicles) – a device to replace heavy starter motors and flywheels on hybrid vehicles. SMMT Foresight Vehicle is an industry-backed initiative involving more than 400 UK companies and universities. It is managed by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and now widely recognised as the UK’s primary knowledge transfer network, advancing new automotive technologies. Visit Foresight Vehicle on the web at: www.foresightvehicle.org.uk One of the world’s leading experts on cars of the future will address scientists and engineers at a key conference in the Midlands next week. Joseph Carpenter Jr of the US Department of Energy is a specialist in lightweight materials and technology that will literally shape the cars of future decades.He is a keynote speaker at an International Conference on Materials for Lean Weight Vehicles being held at the University of Warwick’s International Manufacturing Centre on December 7/8. Pat Selwood, SMMT Foresight Vehicle Project Manager, a member of the conference organising committee, said: “We are delighted to have secured such an influential and high profile international speaker. “Dr Carpenter is a key player in the crucial FreedomCAR initiative in the US. His thoughts will be interesting and persuasive for everyone interested in environmental issues surrounding the automotive industry.” Dr Carpenter is the Technology Development Manager for the US Department of Energy (DOE) Automotive Lightweighting Materials effort, a joint initiative between DOE and the US automotive and energy-supply industries.He is best known in the US for his work with the FreedomCAR project, a partnership involving General Motors, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, oil companies and the US government with the aim of developing cleaner, more efficient vehicles. Dr Carpenter will tell his audience that from 2004 to 2008 $1.7-billion is being invested in North America on research into advanced vehicle technologies, hydrogen fuel initiatives and fuel cell research. Prior to the conference researchers from the Society of Motor Traders and Manufacturers Foresight Vehicle programme will report back on progress on a raft of projects. Most of the projects are into making vehicles cleaner, safer and more efficient. Dr Carpenter has been invited to attend to see the progress being made by the UK’s primary knowledge transfer network in driving projects for the latest technologies.On lightweight technologies, SMMT Foresight Vehicle has worked on a number of projects including: APPLE – (Advanced Polymeric Composite Panels with Low Environmental Impact) – uses specially formed plastics to make car panels, such as doors and wings. ROADLITE- (Research, Development and Demonstration of a Lightweight, Chassis-less Composite Semi-trailer) using hi-tech reinforced plastics to build truck trailers as strong as traditional metal trailers. They would last longer, be easier to re-cycle, cheaper to build, cause less damage in accidents and reduce CO_ emissions. read more

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