How to understand the customer’s eyes

understanding of customer needs, understand the customer’s meaning is essential to the business field, how to understand the customer with the customer understand the meaning of the following might as well come to know, learn together!


for the majority of the retail terminal guide for the first time how to identify a customer transaction signal, give the signal at the time of the customer to turnover direction, and eventually led to the transaction, all become successful shopping guide "nirvana". Some rich experience in shopping guide staff, often in the "customer – issued transaction signal make eyes at a man", "still puzzled style", and lead to the final transaction and missed, missed. How to successfully identify the customer "at"


, critical product. As the saying goes, picky buyers". When the customer objection or product comment, even showing a lot of dissatisfaction, is likely to have the desire to buy, in as much as possible to fight for their own interests.

Asked whether

Someone claimed to know

about customer service problems such as maintenance, product warranty. Chinese consumers are most lacking is the sense of security of the consumer, so the customer warranty and other after-sales issues are one of the questions.

by static changes. Alert action, chaoshou arms static in action, to "touch and dynamic action look on the West". As the saying goes". If the customer is "hand" to the product, at least

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