Venture capital restaurant franchise tips

opened a restaurant, which is a lot of investors want to venture investment direction to think, compared to other industries, food and beverage industry is relatively low investment threshold, the investment risk is relatively small, and the effect is also very fast. Many people join the chain through the investment of food and beverage to achieve efficient enrichment, then how to choose a good meal to join the project?

for the food chain of the "investment", investors in the choice of project management is the priority among priorities, "investment" initial operators according to their financial situation, choose a series of brand name, and the brand of product positioning, target customer positioning, join in inn environment style, service orientation, individual price strategic positioning, profit orientation and a series of business models. Only get the name of the many brands of white positioning, it is possible to form a thriving market competition in the future". The following "a lot" to provide you with some specific steps.

one, investigate the operation of other franchise stores: To explore whether the headquarters of the two direct stores and more than a year of operation, there are other people have the right to use the trademark. In addition, must contact the existing franchisees, and personally to explore business conditions, conditions permitting, can be "disguised" as local diners visit a few more days, to do a detailed analysis to join the business area of the store, service employees, customers response.

two, catering franchise success rate: To study other same system stores operating conditions, if a franchise system closed shop situation, must be careful; if a franchise system there are a number of closed shop situation, whether it is the individual business failures, is also what other reasons are we should consider giving up. Because a mature system needs a long time to experience the accumulation and management system of continuous improvement, in the normal operation of the situation, the situation is not close shop.

three, catering shop: if added to join the threshold to join the threshold of a franchise is very low, there is no requirement, as long as the payment of fees will be added and joined the business, this situation must think twice, in fact it basically can be said to be a sell business name, join little any professional training and management, technology, personnel and financial support.

four, food and beverage franchise management system: This is the most important issue for the people to join the store. There are some quick people currently on the market, at the beginning of the project soon eager to expand to join, not to join to establish and improve the system, but to quickly earn the cost of joining, then go, or simply do not have the ability to manage. If a franchise system can not provide a very specific planning, pre training and on-the-job training, improve the management system and backup mechanism, a detailed specification of the business operation manual, stable specification for

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