n order to do a good job of sales must control the six emotions

many people think that sales is a very big challenge, to exercise their abilities, broaden their horizons and improve their experience, but to do sales, as sales of the elite, they must possess certain qualities, which control the mood is very critical, then to look at the following six emotions.

1, a temper. Do sales work, was rejected as homely food, then should not lose your temper, but should keep a calm mind.

2, suspicion. Suspicion is the corrosive agents in the business field, it can make the business will come to naught. If a misunderstanding with the customer, we must pay attention to communication, otherwise it will lose customers because of suspicion.

3, jealousy. Jealousy is extremely detrimental to a person’s physical and mental health. For the sales staff, if you see other colleagues to achieve good performance on the curse of jealousy, even slander, setbacks Schadenfreude, so he could not get the help of colleagues, it is difficult to open up the situation in sales work.

4, fear. A failure or an embarrassing encounter can make a person afraid. Especially a green hand sales staff. In order to overcome this weakness, the sale of new recruits must be hard selling skills, trained excellent psychological quality, the courage to continue to visit.

5, anxiety. Anxiety and not trying to control and overcome, will lose confidence in front of the customer. As a result, it is difficult for customers to believe that sales of products.

6, Jane complex. Bad tempered man usually for yourself: "this man is my temper a little anxious, but good hearted, honest, and a sentimentalist." Such people usually have a complex, and will be in a certain environment of their bad temper into a habit, inadvertently will be served as a creed, so that bad temper has become a bad character.

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