How to register early education market early education institutions

we know that the early market is very hot, but in order to successfully open an early education institutions, or need to do a lot of preparatory work. How to register early education institutions? Where do I need to register? So, today to introduce you in detail!

A, Industrial and Commercial Bureau

1, early education industry is still lack of management, at present the country more than 90% of the early education center in the industrial and commercial registration;

2, registration type: limited liability company

3, registered capital: recommended 500 thousand yuan

4, registered name: Certain Information Consulting Co., Ltd.

5, approval cycle is expected: one month

two, registered

1, similar to the kindergarten and the training school registration, to the Education Commission and the civil affairs departments to apply for school, at present a small number of early childhood education center in the civil registration;

2, registration type: private non-profit institutions

3, registered capital: different requirements are not the same, in some areas without restrictions

4, registered name: XX early education center

5, approval cycle is expected: six months


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