To pay for the office of the office of Pepper Fried pepper staff alarm

at the end of the talk about the increase in wages. Recently, a man in Wenzhou in order to pay wages, ran to the other side of the office with an induction cooker to stir up the pepper, choking office staff to the police. Under the coordination of the police, the two sides reached an agreement on the issue of wages.

man office fried pepper, please pay for homemade tear gas. A man because of the project is not to discuss, with peppers, induction cooker and wok, in January 27th, came to the company’s office fried pepper, homemade tear gas".

It is reported that

, fried chili oil man surnamed ye, Guizhou. He said that he was the boss to beg for projects, a total of 56000 yuan. Originally promised to pay 20 thousand, and the rest of April to settle." Yemou said, this program also agreed, but the problem lies in a guarantee.

Yemou said, when he wished to write chairman a guarantee, but the chairman said the things he does not belong to the tube, so look for their project manager to discuss, "how can a


after the police to the scene after the mediation, the two sides reached a verbal agreement. Apology to the company the company has promised to Yemou; this week to pay 20000 yuan Yemou also promised at the same time, the boss agreed to settle.

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