Rural Taobao allows disabled entrepreneurs to get a new life

even the Spring Festival, there are still a lot of people struggling in the post of work, which is the shadow of entrepreneurs. Disabled entrepreneurs from Jieyang, Chen Yiwu on the other party entertainment, running on the entrepreneurial line.

"New Year’s Eve from the beginning to now, I am busy every day to promote the electricity supplier APP, reunion dinner, relatives of what I have to, but to sing" drink run ", and made them very" angry ", said my eyes only." At the beginning of the month is five in the afternoon, I went to Jieyang City, Jiexi county and the town of Tong Du Jin Chen Yiwu home, speaking of the Spring Festival, he was happy.

Chen Yiwu along the way is not easy. He was born in 1979, congenital disability, height of only 57 cm, weighing less than 30 kg; junior high school dropped out of school because of poverty, farmers at home, opened the store and shop, subsistence. A turnaround in 2015, in June of that year, the Alibaba of "rural Taobao" training, assessment and selection, Chen Yiwu Jiexi County became the first batch of "rural Taobao partner", which opened in Du Village of "rural village service station, Taobao has become the 5 largest county Jiexi pioneer service station ranks.

Wu Yi named

but seems to have inherited Chen Yiwu’s life stopped. Two years later, his parents found his legs bent, unable to walk normally; 8 years old, height stop growth, from the freeze in the 57 cm.


lose the first battle fought electricity supplier;

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