To further promote the development of agriculture in Shandong has a new initiative

although the process of urbanization continues to accelerate, but there are still many farmers living a life of farming, in order to guarantee the actual income of the farmers, in order to improve their standard of living, Shandong started the new initiatives! Shandong Provincial People’s government issued approval for establishment of Longkou provincial agricultural high tech Industrial Development Zone, agreed to set up the Longkou provincial agricultural high tech Industrial Development Zone, into the overall planning and management of provincial high tech Industrial Development Zone, enjoy the relevant policies.

Longkou provincial agricultural high tech Industrial Development Zone, the planning area of 10.91 square kilometers, more than four areas: Dongzhi Yuan village, West Road, South to the north to highway Shi Huang, Rong Wu highway. Among them, the planning and construction of land area of 1.51 square kilometers, including the 3 blocks; planning and scientific research, demonstration of agricultural land area of 9.4 square kilometers.

Longkou provincial agricultural high tech Industrial Development Zone to further implement innovation driven development strategy, in accordance with the layout of concentration, industry concentration, land intensive, distinctive, moderate scale, complete and perfect, according to the overall planning, formulate specific implementation plan, the implementation of the relevant requirements; adhere to innovation and development, deepening the reform of science and technology, strengthen the system the mechanism of innovation, encourage the pilot, promote the regional agricultural supply side structural reform, accelerate the production of the city (town, Village), one of the three integration, four simultaneous and coordinated development of urban and rural integration, to build an innovation driven development of a new model.

The rapid development of

to promote agriculture, cannot do without a good measure of the local government, Shandong Province in the development of agriculture, highlighting the characteristics of the industry, promoting the processing of high value, industrial chain, international operations, first create the innovation of agricultural science and technology, technology demonstration, transformation and incubation; to be promoting the progress of agricultural science and technology and enhance the ability of independent innovation and promote the important carrier of regional industrial structure adjustment, the development of modern agriculture, agricultural high-tech industries become brand competitiveness of Jiaodong Peninsula and the sustainable development ability of the industrial development zone.

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