Jiangxi Governor condolences to Jiangling group and blue innovation base of frontline staff

2015, China economic development slowed down, all walks of life to feel the economic situation is grim, in such a period, to encourage entrepreneurs and enterprises to play the innovative spirit, is an effective means of promoting economic growth China.

2 14, the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday. Early in the morning, Jiangxi Lu Xinshe longer braved the cold wind came to Jiangling group and little innovation base research. He stressed that the economic development of enterprises Xing Xing, strong economic strength. To play the main role, strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship, to innovation, to the market, to the quality of management to increase efficiency; to helping companies to further increase efforts to accelerate the improvement of policies and measures to promote the sustained and healthy development of enterprises, and promote steady growth for the province to provide more effective support to upgrade.

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