You do not know the reasons for the failure of the venture to read suddenly realized

now, more and more people choose to start a business, but success does not belong to everyone. Investing in a small store to do some business to make money, easier said than done, but it is very difficult to do. Although a lot of people are successful, but there are many cases of failure, why the shop will fail?.

1. only consider what they want to sell goods, regardless of who the customer is.

can go far?

2. just look at how others do, regardless of who I am.

3. only consider promotional methods, do not consider the store into the shop rate!

our local retail shop where the district general lack of popularity, into the store rate is insufficient, if activities are in order to improve the turnover rate and sales performance, without considering to enhance customer into the store, so even if there is no extensive sales skills and activities without discount, the customer into the store, and turnover by what?

4. only consider the price, do not consider the number of basket.

What is the name of

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