Return home Entrepreneurship migrant workers to start their own business in the year to earn 400 tho

for a large number of migrant workers, to return to their hometown to make money, is very eager and happy things. Now this era has brought, 2016 of the two countries to return home business is very supportive, the preferential policies will be introduced, there are people who can return to the entrepreneurial ideas.

"we returned home in 2011 to build farms, has invested more than 100 yuan. Last year, net income of nearly 400 thousand yuan, in order to expand the scale, and continue to invest in the construction of a new pig farm of 5000 square meters." In February 29th, Hu Xiang Leibo County Horse Village big pig Zhu Zhiying said, back to business although the road is not flat, but as long as towards the target of efforts, not afraid of setbacks, tirelessly, entrepreneurial success is no doubt.

"to earn money is not easy, we are not the pursuit of food and clothing, not only live frugally, and free time friends to play mahjong or poker, regardless of size, how to persuade friends, we never participate." Zhu Zhiying said that gambling harm, some workers dream of gambling to get rich, and finally even the Spring Festival to go home to spend the new year is not. With the passage of time, Zhu Zhiying and her husband have accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars, the money in the bank, although safe, but can not play due benefits.

2006 years, the husband and wife to accumulate 230 thousand yuan stake in the work of the far field of Kunming Tire Co., Ltd., not only to earn money, but also can be dividends. In 2010, invested 600 thousand yuan, accounting for more than 25% of the shares with others to open the Yunnan business hotel in Baoshan, the three round. The couple is working, and share investment funds such as snowball snowball, become a leader in the wage earners.

million investment built farm

out of more than 10 years, Zhu Zhiying and her husband Ou Yonghong has been to many places in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Fujian, Kunming, almost half a Chinese.

"regardless of any place on the table, I feel awful carnivorous." Zhu Zhiying said that the Spring Festival every year to go home for the new year, the home of the meat and the outside compared to sweet and delicious. Compared with the developed areas, the home economy is still relatively backward, but the development of the home there is a potential, why not start in their hometown, to promote people to become rich? Zhu Zhiying said that working outside can not take care of elderly parents, children do not read books, a direct impact on academic performance. Entrepreneurship in the home, not only to make money, but also to take care of the elderly and children.

2011 years after the Spring Festival, Zhu Zhiying and her husband did not go out of the door, they visited the county in and around the investigation of the recommendation of Ou Yonghong

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