How do you know how to operate a snack bar

with the development of economy, people’s demand for food is more and more high, taste more and more Diao, delicious unique snacks in people’s daily life plays an important role in the market hot. Therefore, the characteristics of the snack bar is a very wise move, then how to operate a good snack franchise?.

A, the adjustment of product

According to a survey of the local


It is proposed to adopt



1, miuccia. Can not hire people try not to hire, can reduce costs, and make their own direct contact with customer, understand customer needs, timely on their work, to improve services, can narrow the distance with the guest and gradually establish a relationship between friends.

2, improve health status. The store clean, wash again, let the shop clean and refreshing to give people a new look, opened a new restaurant feeling.

3, put the stove on the door (pay attention to local restrictions). Let passers-by to see the hot shop, the chef come and go, to create a lively, prosperous scene, but also with the convenience of the guests to greet.

4, send to buy. The customer sends the food directly to the guest’s office, store, home.

5, dress etiquette. New professional dress, warm and polite, gentle, polite.


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