Peach Road into entrepreneurial road

entrepreneurial resources are everywhere, the key depends on how to use the integration of entrepreneurs, Henan Province, the use of the beautiful scenery of the, for many people to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for employment.

2003 years, when only 24 years old, the village of the village of the new Ruan Dian village Li Hui, decided to County Farm Road side of the land of 60 acres contracted. Only technical secondary school diploma Li Hui, put all the thoughts on the land. Graduated from Luoyang Agricultural College husband became her most effective assistant.

in the garden in a north-south cement channel on both sides, planted more than and 300 trees "autumn honey red" and "Huang Shuimi" peach, Li Hui named it the "peach blossom road". Peach Road in the southwest, were planted peach, peach breakout, Li Hui said that this is from the Zhengzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences introduced high-quality peaches, per mu yield of more than 4000 pounds.

in "southeast of Peach Blossom Road, 4 plastic lined, tourists come to pick strawberries in a continuous line. "Red ‘also known as’ milk Strawberry’, suitable for picking, high yield; ‘TY99’ storage, suitable for wholesale." Li Hui introduction, strawberries from New Year’s day listing has been able to sell 51". Ask the return, "a minimum (700 square meters) can also earn more than twenty thousand dollars."

rural is a lot of resources can be used to start, with China economic development is getting better and better, I believe there will be more and more resources to be developed!



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