How to successfully run a barber shop

today’s hairdressing industry is very hot, so the investment is a dream to join the hair salon many young people. Some time ago, the town opened a barber shop, but business has been very poor, so less than two weeks went bankrupt, but the store is another after the transfer, and the barber shop to open in the same position, business is profound, every day is constantly visible, the customer, the barber shop have some skills, not for everyone.



do accurate market positioning

analysis of customer consumption

to determine business grade, the need for consumer behavior may analyze why customers patronize this salon? What attracted him to the hair salon to consume


the price level: This refers to the price of shampoo. How to open a barber shop? If your hair salon shampoo price is much lower than the nearby salon, the flow of guests will be much higher than other stores. How to open a barber shop? Because of the current consumer items to guests shampoo, shampoo, especially as a consumer, is the character of price over, so the price level will be focus on whether the customer into the store.

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