Vigilance the 5 most common pitfalls in Entrepreneurship

venture, there will be a lot of pitfalls in the entrepreneurial process, which requires us to stay in the process of the entrepreneurial mind, one inattentive, entrepreneurs accumulate capital for many years will disappear overnight. The whole business network and small series with a look!

the most common business trap

1 core business of external. The first choice of a business is the most important thing for a business. But because of the early start, not enough manpower, entrepreneurs are too labor-intensive, and the company’s core business for other team members to share. The former state-owned background is that Zhang Wei from the original enterprise core customer resources and their own business, now in the maintenance of relationships with customers, Zhang Wei did several staff team to develop customer relationship maintenance team, the risk of ignoring the team members of the original approach to imitate him.

2 ideal ownership structure. Entrepreneurs in order to encourage the dedication of the entrepreneurial team, to strengthen their confidence, to maximize the share of the team members share. Zhao Xiang’s first venture failed because the ownership structure is too idealistic, to the entrepreneurial team including his own four backbone average equity, each accounted for 1/4, resulting in a pile of advice, do not very much.

comments: the start of the company, have the biggest effect and the key factor is the individual entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs is obviously a person plays a major supporting role, but only in order to strengthen the confidence of employees, the average equity, have income, will make entrepreneurs feel unfair, originally did not want to working for others just out of business, the results of your investment in the most difficult, but also take their own life and future happiness and health in exchange, with the results of income accounted for only 1/4, will allow entrepreneurs to. Therefore, must not in order to motivate employees, with the company’s equity and the ultimate power to inspire others.

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