Quanzhou farmers Pioneer Park was 18 million yuan of financial support

construction of Fujian farmers’ entrepreneurship Park has received 18 million yuan of financial support, the establishment of farmers’ business incubator, is a good platform for entrepreneurship, in the integration of resources, to bring convenience to farmers.

the key support of quality inspection, agriculture of agricultural products (including electronic commerce network, modern logistics and cold chain system), agricultural products and other public service platform construction; key support types of greenhouse temperature and humidity control facilities, facilities, integration of water and fertilizer facilities, soilless cultivation, micro sprinkler irrigation system, the standard of livestock and poultry aquaculture facilities, edible fungus bag (bottle, material) automatic production line, and agricultural products processing, packaging, storage and leisure facilities etc..

key support Park (demonstration base) industry centralized public jigenglu hardening, within the area of public water supply and irrigation and drainage facilities, green park and tourism road construction; key support to create brand, new agricultural promotion, intelligent breeding, and the introduction of improved varieties, breeding, demonstration and breeding, varieties breeding bases (a) construction.

in support of the number and standard, Fujian farmers Pioneer Park in each county (city, district) to support more than 5 demonstration bases, support more than 2 projects (not including the agricultural sector of new projects). At the same time, the amount of subsidy for each construction project does not exceed 300 thousand of the total annual investment of 1/3, subsidy standard of $1 million.

is the construction of the project by the county agriculture and finance departments joint examination and approval, and in May before the end of the provincial agriculture department and finance department for the record. After the completion of the project, the County Department of agriculture to organize the project acceptance, and in accordance with the requirements of the first built after the subsidy will be allocated to the project in a timely manner to the acceptance of qualified units.


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