Beichen District of Tianjin incubator science and technology enterprises to create super high effici

science and technology entrepreneurship is an important branch of the current entrepreneurial innovation activities. All kinds of national science and technology upgrading, pay ah base have been established to help the high-tech enterprises rapid career, grown to be able to take charge as chief of the economic individual.

in Star Valley venture factory, a WeChat mobile phone micro mall platform based on the "delicacy collection" has begun to take shape, coming on-line operations. This shop set around the country for special agricultural products and delicacy snacks, from the creative to shop set up in just one month, the reason to have such a fast pace of development, cannot do without the support of Star Valley entrepreneurs workshop. "Hui delicacy" general manager Gao Mengxiao told reporters: "we came to the Star Valley entrepreneurial workshops after getting a lot of help and guidance, including the policy and financial support, of great help to us the first time entrepreneurs, but also save a lot of time."

Provides from the business incubator to accelerate the development of nursery, is to the industry of the whole chain of the whole cycle of incubation service

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