What are the factors affecting the location of the cake shop

cake shop positioning is a very important issue, if you want to successfully set up shop, then the location of the problem need to be carefully considered. In general, the location of the business is mainly determined by two aspects, specific analysis can be seen below, I hope to help you.

price decision:

investors need to consider the scale of investment products and market positioning, quality and cost levels, marketing strategies and community spending power and other factors. It is best not to follow the price of nearby bakery products. Perhaps you will think that this is not to consider the market situation and the degree of competition, but standing in the marketing position, such considerations are not ideal, accidentally put into the vortex of price war. The cake shop location, to shape their own characteristics, so we can take the product price slightly higher than the neighboring peers, so that consumers will be more sure you not only the quality of products and services, but also contribute to the early recovery of investment funds. Here it is necessary to remember an old saying: "the price is easy, the price is difficult!"

Location of


had a bakery location here, there may be some good factors and conditions to attract you, for example, near, near the school or the market, it is necessary for the opening of the majority of consumers to create promotional measures or long-term plan. For example, according to the students’ hobbies and habits, the production of some special products, so that the students would like to think of the bakery to know how such a product of your delicious or interesting.

cake shop location factors need to be considered in fact a lot, if you do not have a precise understanding of the local market, so the positioning problem error may arise above suggestions for reference, hope can help you have a good beginning of success.

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