Which projects are suitable for investment in rural areas

nowadays, a lot of people in rural areas rely on a little income in the field has been far from meeting the needs of life. As a result, many farmers have begun to find ways to get rich friends. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to recommend several suitable for farmers and friends in the venture capital project in rural areas.

in rural entrepreneurship has what good opportunities now the rapid development of rural productivity, rural entrepreneurial opportunities are more and more, want to find business opportunities in rural areas to find their own piece of heaven and earth in the countryside, do a step down, as soon as possible to the wealth of entrepreneurial opportunities near rural lock 4 project!

according to the rural culture environment, the advantages of barren hills, rich in resources such as land, can be used for breeding. Animal husbandry is the best choice for farmers to start business as a business opportunity in rural areas.

in the northeast rural fishponds development in rural areas generally be in full swing, before the fish market is more common, the local market is also very good, but because of the current farmland development, housing construction land for agricultural development, fish resource is less and less, this phenomenon by mountain terrain environment in rural areas, abandoned pit dry land for development of fish ponds, fish ponds development rents can be issued to the local farmers to receive such fish ponds, but also can promote the development of related industries such as vice, fish feed, forage fish, medicine and so on, when the development of molding can be done after the industry supporting the development of tourism, such as leisure farm, etc..

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