What makes her from a working sister to a few companies mister

a dagongmei extraordinary life, her life has experienced various hardships, once her hotel waiter suffered sexual harassment, what makes her from an ordinary migrant into 4 companies mister, she said, I found that in this world, we stand where is not important, important is we are moving in the direction.


"Shenzhen dagongmei" famous portrait of

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1988 in September, Ann son at the Shenzhen University began a part-time work life. The first half of February 1991 to July, Ann read the last half year of college courses, successfully obtained a college diploma work; ANN in Shenzhen exhibition hall from Bagualing audio-visual company do business hosting business executives, finally promoted to assistant manager; "youth relay station?? Shenzhen dagongmei" portrait of a book. "Youth station"

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