Salary 3 4 thousand your future

is another year of graduation season, will usher in a wave of employment. A lot of people are holding thousands of 3-4 leave the hometown, salary, you may think life is careless, watching television is playing computer, this is enough, but where is the future? The following words please read patiently, there may be some help for your


every year, manufacturing will absorb a large part of the graduates in these new workplace, I find work, when full of longing for the future, their predecessors, has been in the manufacturing industry for several years the brothers and sisters – feeling, they do not know what will happen in the future? They don’t know when it will be abandoned


when you go out of the school to enter the factory, you will find your life world is so small, you are basically the scope of the activities of factories, rental housing, supermarkets. You and the production line who repeat the same job and worker does not have what difference. In addition to work and sleep, your most important activity is to go to the supermarket to buy the necessities of life. Other social life is with colleagues playing cards, drinking, you can not afford to build their own social resources. You are alone in the field of hard work, without parents, only a bunch of Similarly afflicted people pity each other. colleagues, when you need help, you need to maintain their own rights and interests of the people around me are incapable of action. Your circle of life is so narrow, people seem so pale. One day, you leave the factory to go to another place, existing colleagues and friends will lose contact, you need to come back in the new company. The helpless drift is doomed to always draw a different size but similar shape circle.

four seasons change, your work clothes in winter between rotation, you and all the foreigners are not significantly different. In the eyes of local people you are just working. If you are optimistic, it can make the company work clothes as a kind of welfare, and all two sets, from Monday to Friday through Saturday, basically do not need to buy what clothes. After all, you are free to wear your own clothes for only one or two days a week.

in addition, the factory canteen every day to provide employees with food standards for about ten dollars a working meal. Some of the fees are deducted from the wages of employees, some companies as a welfare completely free. But a lot of people dining hall food deep feeling, moldy bread, no peeling potatoes, yellow vegetables, no way to verify the inferior oil, etc., tricks. In the rental of employees can also improve their own food at the weekend, living in the dormitory can only expect occasional entertainment in the restaurant.

company offers more than four quarters of the world, the world of the eight. Of course, the condition is far less than the University dormitory. A lot of people in order to have their own private space, willing to spend each month three hundred or four hundred dollars to rent a more than and 10 square meter room, the room for the kitchen and toilet, balcony > three

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