Why not make friends with customers

everyone in the business process of the client and how to have a set of their own, which many people are trying to do sales with customers to establish friendly relationship, but my opinion is just the opposite, don’t make friends with customers.

Because once you

with customers to establish the relationship between friends, will become more subtle relationship between each other, but this is not conducive to sales reached, we like from the hands of a friend to buy things like when we buy things from the hands of a friend, we often think that the value of the product itself is not imagined so good however, the main reason to buy from the hands of a friend is because of the relationship, the idea that we would feel from the hands of a friend to buy things itself is in the care of friends business friends owe us a favor.

there is a saying is to say, come out, always want to return, no doubt, in a friend’s view that this transaction is not a win-win deal, he lost his sooner or later to find you want to come back. If every business, let customers feel that we owe him a favor, because he is helping us to buy, then our sales staff of professional value will become relatively cheap, customers will not buy the product again from your hand.

1. Keep proper distance with customers

good doctor can’t cure a reluctance to actively cooperate with the treatment of the patient, then a good cook is difficult to burn out a let anorexic guests satisfied with the dishes, any need to participate in the work of others, if others hold wait-and-see mood conflict, even reverse not with you, even if you more efforts were of no avail.

sales sales staff need to work together with customers, everyone found the customer problems and possible solutions, have the opportunity to reach a deal, if the customer is not willing to tell you what the problem is, there is no need to change immediately, it will become increasingly difficult to reach sales.

when we put the customer relationship into a friend relationship, we face the challenge of customers don’t want to make a change, but because it is the relationship between friends, so he won’t see you as a doctor but as a friend, then he will say to you: "you must have a way, not only surgery can cure my medicine ill, I believe you, this hot potato is thrown into your hand.

A sales manager at

I know, he in the management of its dealer customers, always adhere to high standards and strict requirements, over the years have never eaten dealers a meal, no cigarette dealers (though a bit exaggerated, but he really is I have seen with the dealer intentionally a distance, one of the few sales staff), in his words, "I was talking with the dealer on behalf of the company in the

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