Theme hot pot than ordinary hot pot more money King

, as a Hefei man, I feel lucky. Because no matter where you live in Hefei, there is no need to have a taste of a hot pot restaurant. Now, the development of Hefei hot pot restaurant comparable to Chongqing, the pressure is far more than other hot pot catering industry classification. In the famous hot pot brand under the squeeze, if there is no point of innovation, the new brand of hot pot on the point of survival is no chance.

this is not, a few days ago to visit the two new Hot pot shop, without exception, are "theme Hot pot" route. So, theme hot pot is a new way out of the hot pot industry

?I will describe below

with "a", "B" to refer to the two Hot pot museum. The two hot pot restaurants are open soon, the style of the decoration is all the way to go in the war of resistance against Japan, filled with a sense of the times.

the difference is a Hot pot shop is decorated in accordance with the Communist army style, hanging on the wall is grass, corn, etc. the full performance of hard decoration posters. The great wall of the head are also such as the ten Grand Marshal, a founding father of a country. Including the waiter clothing is also the earth eight road style. The first thing a customer comes in is.

later find out the original in a Hot pot shop queuing people will get a queue number, as long as the waiting time of more than a quarter of consumption hit 12% off, more than half an hour at 15% off, more than an hour at 17% off. And in the waiting area to learn the sea

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