SKYWORTH Konka TCL three giants actually classmates

mobile phones now become a favorite of young people’s electronic products, while the parents of a generation of color tv. The birth of the color TV industry’s three trump card: SKYWORTH, Konka, TCL competitiveness should not be underestimated, and we may not know that their heads were classmates.

The three head

in the same business travel, they are eager for a fight, secretly rivalry, a first attempt to catch up, let the other side.



TCL Li Dongsheng: Eagle reborn

Li Dongsheng in perfect capital operation and make snap reform, TCL from a local small business development to become a well-known company.

2001, TCL color TV jumped to the national brand of color TV in 2004, TCL group to achieve the overall market, operating income increased to 402. 800 million yuan, while Li Dongsheng personal assets reached $1 billion 200 million.

2004, Li Dongsheng station recommended

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