WeChat rice sold after the 80 million millionaires

rice is our daily life indispensable, and contemporary people tend to choose the original rice, caught the psychological public, the 80 contracted 3000 acres of land in the northeast, WeChat determined to sell rice to open their own business life.

From the southwest to the northeast of

"rice farmers have not


the first to Wuchang, when the rice flower fragrance, Wang Lin drove the jeep, driving in the field. In front of the blue sky like a piece of scenery, clouds scattered embellishment, clean and pure. The sun, the golden rice boundless, the road on both sides of the Ge Sanghua, like the harvest "applause", was extravagant and gorgeous. Such a scene, let a person enchanted.

Wuchang Jingmei, is the land of plenty, especially well-known, far and near Wuchang rice. However, a local taxi driver, then let Wang Lin shocked.

– "now went to Wuchang to buy Wuchang rice, this is not a joke!"

find local farmers direct purchase, Wang Lin found that the problem is more serious: farmers have no rice


Wuchang natural geographical environment factors of the rice production of higher quality, as consumer demand increased, farmers had to desperately try to improve yield: extensive use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide.



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