Used in the transformation of the huge business opportunities

who said things will be thrown away, it is useless? Here, the small series for you to take a second-hand transformation of the big market, for you to uncover a second-hand renovation of the unprecedented business opportunities!

furniture store renovation

second-hand home appliances store

second-hand TV computer and mobile phone market is very broad, especially suitable for working outside of the youth, to open more suitable for migrant workers in more concentrated areas and small towns to open such a shop!

disk repair shopWith the production of

This type of

transformation of garment processing

if you master a clothing design technology, eyes follow the fashion trend, then you open a shop like it, under the economic crisis, many people choose not to buy expensive new fashion clothing, the original clothing transformation, open a store that is certainly a lot of profit!

the old wall renovation

to the old building renovation, is an emerging technology industry, which is a newly developed high light oil by spraying technology means, solidified in the surface construction of the exterior walls of the building, the renovation effect can be comparable and glaze surface. According to the company, since the introduction of this new technology, only half of the time, for the city’s more than and 10 old house, a standard renovation, there are many units active telephone or on-site appointment service.

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