Shop management to pay attention to the four errors

in a busy street location, which is indeed a lot of shops in the current need to do a good job site selection. However, if the location of the bustling streets, you can make money? If you shop in store promotional activities, will be full of customers? These traditional business ideas, misleading a lot of operators. In fact, if you want to successfully set up shop, some business mistakes need to be avoided. So, the shop should pay attention to the four errors?

misunderstanding: busy business circle = make money

a lot of investors when the site is too superstitious bustling business circles, as long as they enter here, as a result of the huge traffic to ensure that the business is certainly not bad, profit naturally high.

in fact, this is just a good assumption investors, the reality is very cruel.

first, now the rent is the biggest bottleneck of store profits, into the bustling commercial circles, the rent should be higher than other regions, may account for 70% of the 60% total cost of investors, even if the business is good, a lot of profit rent are eaten, do not cost. As everyone knows, many well-known brands have been regarded as the focus of the development of the second tier business circles, and even take the community route, so the blind pursuit of the bustling business circle is not necessarily correct.

second, the bustling commercial circle is a military a hotly contested spot, many competitors, if the investor is not Dian Nengnai, it is difficult to adapt to the competitive environment, competitors may use several consecutive days of price war can easily beat you.

third, a large passenger flow, but does not mean that your traffic is large, every business has its own target customer base, bustling commercial traffic circle is great, you really fit the positioning of the customer group number is not much, and there is fierce competition, real consumer into the store that is generating very little.

according to the author’s experience in the field of grassroots investment for more than ten years, grassroots investors to enter the busy business circle is too few examples of success.

error two:

= full of customers discounts

a lot of grassroots investors in the business is not good, the way to take the general is a big fight to promote sales, and sometimes even hit half off sales, hoping to attract customers. Sometimes this effect at a discount, it is very obvious, the store may often overcrowded, but once the war ended before the promotion, traffic and even less; but most of the time discount promotions, store traffic is lower.

in fact, if investors think about empathy, you can find the crux of the problem.

first, as long as people like to buy cheap goods, you can

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