How to run a hot pot restaurant

open a hot pot restaurant should be how to operate? Keep up with the pace of the times, the introduction of a series of multi taste, get a lot of investment entrepreneurs recognition, now has a lot of room for development, let us come to understand the following.

1, strengths and weaknesses. Look at their own hot pot shop or their own, longer than what, shorter than in what aspects. Long is to carry forward, and then avoid the short, do not be a dwarf barely filled high son. For example, your business is not too high, must think you what you like, what are going to the enterprise, tube, your shop, your management will be more and more chaos, so you feel more and more men no more and more to personally intervene, typical into a vicious spiral.

2, yangchangbuduan. If their own pot to join the manager in the internal management, short of marketing, you can pay attention to strengthen the marketing aspects of learning, training, inspection, recruitment marketing professionals, please headquarters guidance. Some people think themselves and their internal management, so marketing also for marketing, although many setbacks, rather than face the reality of weak old money, are not good looking for a weak market, such as too many competitors, business and other objective reasons. Don’t look back to face reality, looking for solutions, of course, is the endless sea of tribulations.

3, the initiative to seek a better combination of two providers, is the best way to solve the problem, is to do the right thing".

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