Ten famous hot pot franchise

hot pot Chinese dinner in a magical food and beverage project, even if the Chinese market is no matter how saturated meals, it is always in the hot market. Many investors to join each other hot pot project, but suffer from their own brand of hot pot is not very understanding, it is difficult to choose. Xiaobian for everyone to list the ten famous brands of hot pot.

Little sheep (

1 Hot pot A Well-Known Trademark in China, China enterprise 500, Hongkong listed brand chain catering enterprises, large restaurant chain, Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Ltd)

2 Hot pot Dezhuang (A Well-Known Trademark in China, Chongqing famous trademark, Chongqing city comprehensive development of agriculture leading enterprises, hundred enterprises, the national food Chongqing Dezhuang Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.)

3 Qin Ma hot pot (Chongqing famous trademark, set operating hot pot restaurant / brand hot pot chain and seasoning production as one of the large-scale food and beverage chain enterprises, Chongqing Qin Ma Food Management Co., Ltd.)

4 odd hot pot (name of Chinese hot pot, China’s top 100 catering enterprises, engaged in Chongqing hot pot technology / hot pot dishes development / research professional institutions, Chongqing odd fire brother happy food Co., Ltd.)

5 Little Swan Hot pot (starting in 1982, A Well-Known Trademark in China, Chinese private enterprise 500 strong, Chinese restaurant brand, Hot pot ten brands, Chongqing Little Swan Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd.)

Xiaoweiyang (

6 Hot pot Inner Mongolia specialty restaurants catering brand leader, grassland industry leader, national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, Inner Mongolia small restaurant chain Limited by Share Ltd)

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7 Tan hot pot (China’s top 100 catering enterprises, the impact of the brand to the food and beverage industry as a leader / food research / production / processing / distribution of enterprises, Chengdu Tan head investment Limited by Share Ltd)

8 Liu first hand hot pot (founded in 2000, the Chinese famous hot pot, Chongqing famous trademark, specializing in hot pot chain and franchise well-known enterprises, Chongqing Liu first hand Catering Management Co., Ltd.

9 general hot pot (China famous hot pot, Chongqing famous brand, China’s top 100 catering enterprises, Chongqing agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, Chongqing Pakistan general industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.)

10 hole bright hot pot (Chinese name hot pot, the national green food and beverage enterprise, set the food and beverage production / chef training as one of the large-scale food and beverage service company, Chongqing hole bright food culture Co., Ltd.)

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