Membership card need to set the threshold

in order to promote, but also in order to attract customers, and now many shops will handle a variety of membership cards, some things can be free, while others must reach a certain amount of consumption. So, if as a shopkeeper, membership card need to set the threshold?

does not have a certain amount of advance, it is difficult to form loyalty. Membership card threshold settings, it is recommended to store the average customer price as a free card limit, or require the cumulative consumption of non member customers to reach the amount of free.


requires prompt customer retention of small ticket, ticket General requirements are not the same person, but not too seriously, the customer may exist in a small ticket of others as their own small ticket purchase behavior to turn a blind eye, remember the purpose of this approach is to make the customer feel that have to pay.

in this process must be repeated to emphasize the value of their pay, and even can be used to calculate the purchase of their accounts, so that it recognizes the real value of the membership card.

if the new shop, you do not need to set the threshold, the free membership card as part of the opening ceremony, can charge 5-10 yuan card fee. But this time, the best can be returned to the customer 10-15 yuan of "full reduction" vouchers, which can make them feel like they pay a return, they also attract the next purchase.

In addition to

, you can also take the consumption of XX yuan for membership card approach, but it will be some often to buy, but the amount of consumption is not high in the elderly customers outside the door. At this point, the manager does not adhere to this, can give the elderly customers some special concessions, so that customers feel that they have been.

if a shop has achieved normal operation, so, in order to ensure the stability of members, the best or a certain threshold, but if it is a new store, in order to attract customers, there is no need to set the membership card. In short, the membership card in the end should not set the threshold, but also need to be based on the specific business analysis.

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