The key to the success of a small town to open a pizza restaurant location

in the US every one traditional impression, pizza shop seems to have only in the big city to see, in fact now with the city urbanization process accelerating, the small city more and more, there are some pizza.

1.  considering the store environment, whether it is suitable for the future development of the industry.

2.  store location crowd amount and consumption habits, and whether the same industry attribute.

3.  the location of the store is a triangular window, corner of the location is better, it is best to avoid the rental slope, remote corner.

4.  if there is no sufficient funds to do the backing, consider the revenue risk, it is best to avoid the current public works in or scheduled for the store, because the location of short period will be poor but is optimistic about the long-term.

5.  consider payments risk, the best stores consider commodities at present in the life cycle, such as the introduction stage, growth stage, maturity stage and decline stage, because of the different life cycle have different profit benchmark, the rental cost burden of affordable are different.

The main reason for the failure of the

70% store is the poor location of the following shop

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