The road of the forum is not easy t takes one step at a time

Inner Mongolia network home is the predecessor of the Inner Mongolia forum. Inner Mongolia forum by many efforts, now new revision, and strive to build Inner Mongolia’s largest network of homes!


Inner Mongolia home formation is also a variety of reasons. I wrote "Inner Mongolia forum through the groundless talk" and wrote "for two days before the Inner Mongolia forum, I’m going crazy!" is our most reaction path, but there are a lot of people didn’t say it, but I say.

BBS forum now is too difficult to go, I do not know how many forums down in the past two years. My Inner Mongolia forum is also changing step by step. We hope that in the near future, we will "BBS" these two words throw away. I might be more relaxed. We Chinese webmaster is for what? Each station development is so difficult, each webmaster still trying to walk, and for what? For money, for name? No, I personally think. None of these are. Now Inner Mongolia home, a PR5 station, members of tens of thousands of people, traffic peak of twenty thousand of the station, we did not earn a penny, but I have to pay some money every year. It may be better now. Some hosts offer free hosting. Thanks for this!


, come back, what’s the station for,


every time I see a lot of members posting on my website, playing home games, talking about some of Inner Mongolia’s homes in the group. I feel an overwhelming happiness. Honestly, I never played games on my website. But I’ve seen every article of the site. I have checked every member’s information. In the crowd, a lot of people asked me how to play games, I can only say to them, I did not play. Because I don’t have time to play. When I saw them playing, I was the happiest. Inner Mongolia home formerly is the main station of Inner Mongolia forum.

in 07 years, our ten managers from the Inner Mongolia forum were broadcast live on the Inner Mongolia radio station, but I didn’t go in because I wanted my management to show them. All the results of the Inner Mongolia forum are their. I myself just put them together, I’m at home, listen, they’re talking about themselves, I feel like I’m happy, I’m content,

these two years, I have seen many webmaster’s experience, many calculate that they develop is how, how good. I do not know how many they have encountered, nor do they know how many difficulties they have overcome. But they didn’t say it. The good side has been given to our netizens,


the past two years, China’s network has never been difficult to do! In the webmaster group, or in the webmaster network, we see there are countless new sites or forums in the development of webmaster. They may not yet realize the difficulty of developing the site into the medium term. I think if they do, will they do it? I think so, because the Internet is the dream of each of our webmaster. I’d rather one day

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