Personal webmaster or subversion or abandon

webmaster friends too much, make more money, less money, big and small, all are aware of a number of their own, sometimes also known as a station call, received Zhang Xiang sent a magazine filled with a thousand regrets, not today.

what is the station master,

?The concept of

station is actually more suitable for small and medium-sized personal website or web master, this group of people often can independently complete the construction site, can make a website a copycat, some of the winners have embarked on the road of commercialization, such as website construction, website optimization, a famous Huajun, A Fei, and springs etc.. Programmers usually will not be willing to call him your master, that not enough level programmers; Internet Co’s boss is actually more reluctant to be a webmaster, they prefer to be called the founder of founder-. "Stationmaster" just like farmer, once go out, get rich, there are few to be willing to say he is a farmer, urban and rural difference.


"webmaster" concept, or subversion, or abandon

The concept of "

" stationmaster ", or sunk in copyright and commercially developed today in the Internet, or you must keep pace with the times, the concept of the meaning of innovation, because the time has not belong to the past that" stationmaster ". Some of the old webmaster always adhere to the mouth, but everyone think again: webmaster stick to what? Stick to the collection, adhere to spam, insist on the great Baidu down money,


, Webmaster, Founder, Productmanager…… A series of this name, do you think the famous founder of WordPress Matt called Webmaster right? Our "stationmaster" concept often too vague, caused the occupation positioning vacuum individual stationmaster, resulting in a "what will be" and "what is not" embarrassing situation. We all understand a reality: money can support our personal webmaster is relatively small, can earn hundreds of dollars a month is relatively good, how many months mix a payment of 100 yuan, 80% of the owners must get rid of false dreams by stationmaster fortune, must go to the occupation and specialization. The only way to make money, family, filial piety.

Liu Huafang mixed Internet circle also have a few years, large and small CEO also saw a big basket, and do all kinds of all sorts of strange things, a webmaster, so I don’t want to tell us about others with him said intimate words, do you think I said to you, do a good job, I feel that. When I put a fart.

webmaster professional three position: build, special, sell.

is dedicated to building a station, conscientiously grasp the basic skills, not opportunistic, walks the enterprise service route; specifically, a focus on industry, information processing for the industry, an industry internet expert, the right opportunity "

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