Website Baidu not included or included reduce cause analysis

this article is for the novice, veteran please bypass


has been recently in the global push forum [], especially in the diagnosis of site, a lot of people in their website do consulting, many types, specifically for today Baidu included the question makes a discussion and analysis, hoping to bring some help to the novice, if in the future similar problems can check their specific questions, after all, do not optimize the others can teach the core on the exploration and analysis of their own and constantly sum up; when you stand on the shoulders of giants, many problems can see farther and deeper


practice out of real knowledge, I hope you all have time to explore a lot of yourself! Well, far away!


Baidu does not include Baidu, do not include two cases:

1, new station

new station is like a newborn baby. You want more people to know you and remember your name. First of all, you have their own name, then go to the account, and then to tell someone what you call, the market appeared in front of others, with the continuous expansion of the scope of their activities, and remember you know people will be more and more

;Specific to the

website, when you have your own website, you should make your website address and the main content to tell search engines and links and the same railway station, will be better if the PR value of the resources; the most important to keep going and different site links! In such other sites agree with you at the same time, Baidu will know and included you. Note that Baidu included a new station there is a cycle of their own, if you can catch up in the month before the end of the month 10, or about 20, prepare the effect will be more obvious


2, stand by K,

is K station, Baidu does not include is very normal; please refer to included the reasons for the decrease;

3 and other reasons affecting Baidu included

New and old

domain names: Baidu is especially interested in long old domain names,

Baidu included reasons for the decrease

1, website cheating:

believe that this is a part of the practice of quick success; for short-term effect and the accumulation of keywords, invisible text; the two level domain and cross blog links; as long as the Baidu update, will slowly eliminate you! Please refer to the specific reasons: "site optimization should adhere to the three principles".

2, website keyword settings:

love to some Adsense search related words are put in, the description is not reasonable; the new station has certain advantages, but should be targeted and selective; the general title is the theme of the page column site name + +; keywords 3-4, is the best page theme, and website content >

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