When the sun comes up it really has a future

August 8, 2008, this is a day worth billions of earth people look forward to, the Olympic flame and blessing at the same time set sail. In this exciting moment, promising talent network, Hainan talent network, Sanya talent network germination. I’m as excited as the webmaster. Who isn’t excited about the N project he’s been preparing for now? Anyway, I’m excited. Stand and open, and do the same as everyone SEO. Ah ah, the day and night, in order to flow to the IP pig like a day in the life of 10 years. In this station, my brother talk about these 40 days of experience and experience.

, speaking of feelings, I made my first stop, and I did it as a professional recruitment site, taking a professional line, and many roads were groping and moving slowly. Fortunately, three years before the preparation, planning and research, so now it is not too difficult to walk. The only feeling is that these 40 days, I have received support from many friends, business support, more people, more traffic. Here, I would like to say "thank you" to the support of my brothers and sisters through the webmaster network!".

in the operation of the network and entities, there are many can be combined, as long as everyone can do it. Now let me talk about the way I work on this website ~ I hope to make many friends here.

one, SEO: and everyone else to do the key words: promising talent network, Hainan talent network, Sanya talent network. In the domestic Internet recruitment market competition intense today, we are also facing the foreign network, local network all over the sky of smoke Sisha, who see who is dizzy. GG, BAIDU and other key search also do, included is slowly rising, GG more diligent included, and BAIDU with pigs, push N just move. Other general optimizations are no nonsense here. Here’s the key

two, I made a small business card, one of my business cards, a promising talent network advertising cards. The cost is not expensive 6 yuan a box of paper quality is the name card, 300K copperplate paper, is the best on the market, except gold do not ~ haha ~ ~! Do 2000 name card box and 20 boxes of 100 yuan, the same is 2000 AD card name card box 20 100 yuan, 100 yuan is my future plan the monthly investment to create 1000 member partners, must remember your name card card must be enough to attract a fancy enough or someone to pick up the trash thrown immediately. For my career, in order to have a future, talent network, Hainan talent network, Sanya talent network, I spelled it. The following are practical actions. You see, if it doesn’t stop, I don’t mix.

three, action plan:

1, every Wednesday to our Labor Bureau in Sanya human resources market, the enterprise units to send my advertising business card and my personal business card, inviting enterprises to make an empty talk with me to discuss cooperation. Then go to the human resources market at the entrance of the advertising card to enter the job seekers of talent friends. It starts at 9:30 in the morning, and every enterprise and enterprise sends out. >

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