Where is the outlet of the tourist network in the Warring States period of the nternet

tourism market competition intense today, every kind of tourist sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerge, tourism has entered the stage of the Warring States heroes dispute. However, there is not much that will last until the end of the year. So, the Internet in the Warring States period, who can win the nuggets? Based on Changsha travel Changsha F.I.T travel first brand as an example, to explore the tourism website and Internet era travel way tomorrow, to explore some skills and ideas of tourism network success. Before writing this article, I will explain in advance, I am a layman in the website construction and technology, master moxiao, writing this article, a little work experience represents only personal thinking and in the operation process of Changsha travel obtained, write well, to peer and network master please do not travel the accused, but if you can bring the work of the network to promote the optimization of even a little enlightenment is very small, I feel very satisfied, less polite words, entered to Internet sites in the Warring States period, travel to The Legendary Swordsman, the following points must be fun:

first: accurate positioning of the business and its Web site

is a website published, I think the most important is the strategic positioning, positioning deviation, everything is empty, there is a good saying that the strategy is wrong, then the good tactics are no good, in fact, many travel websites do last fall of a large part of the reason is its positioning is not accurate. Personally, I think an excellent website must first take into account the following two aspects:

(1) business location

tourism website is a platform for propaganda, propaganda of the key is to focus on selling, not eyebrows beard, to Changsha travel network as an example, positioning is Changsha individual travel, others are all around this expansion, tourism is a big industry, to make him reveal all a bit difficult and then, before conducting business, to their own products and the advantages of an effective positioning.

(two) functional location

This is according to

website planners on the website of the function of an effective thinking, then positioning, many websites, often love copying other site features, left a little, and make a point to the end, a site into a grotesque, and some of the stations, the pursuit of fashion, some the function itself can be cancelled, but was forced to add, such as floating window advertising, according to the user experience, many customers hate, opened the window advertising website, like a ghost around you, where are the mood to see your line. There is a predetermined function itself, some suitable for travel reservation could be done by phone or simple online reservations can be, some users love make a reservation system is very complex, customers do not understand, people do not understand, the program has a headache. At this time, you need a web designer good location, Changsha tourism network that is not a function better, that is suitable for their business development and operation as well as effective user experience.

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