Talk about the website Baidu included very good but keywords ranking decline

recently many novice webmaster friends always ask me such a question: our site Baidu search included very good, snapshot updated every day, but how keywords ranking gradually decline,


nothing to do today in the A5 to share their views and experiences on this issue, I hope to help you doubt it.

first ranking drop this is a normal imagination, so don’t be too nervous, Baidu search engine update, if you didn’t do good keywords rivals will drop, or cheat, will fall.

so how do we turn things around? I’ll tell you what the problem is and how to make adjustments:

1, website title and other settings do not arbitrarily

there are many novice webmaster like to modify the home page classification and title, this risk is very, very big, and the site itself weight is low. And if this happens, it’s going to take a long time to recover a high amount of it, and it’s not worth the candle.

2, web site outside the chain

this is very important, the same, Baidu is also in the fight against those cheating outside the chain, the quality of the chain for keywords ranking is really important, especially friendship links. So here, I’d like to remind you to check your external connections often. The same is to see you stand weight, high weight related to the chain for ranking is also very important, so please be sure to do the construction of the chain.

3, website advertisement should be careful,


Baidu, there was an update on an algorithm to crack down on bad websites with more advertising pages. If you stand weight high site for a long time, the general effect is not large, but if you are a new Baidu ranking was low, sorry, I guess is K, so new advertising must be careful.

4, find a stable server,

A good

server is to optimize the rankings based, you are not a child of the server than with others how to rank it, the decline in ranking is also very normal, so you don’t save a few bucks to use point stable server will ensure the ranking to improve


5: for acquisition station

the same type of template, most of the content from the acquisition, especially now do mechanical instruments and other enterprises stand very much, to adopt to adopt is that several news sources, there are tens of thousands of the same station is called Baidu how to give you the ranking, ranking drop and will give you K off fortunately, I believe? Here you know how to adjust it, all the webmaster friends


is more than a few years of my site optimization out of view and experience, About Baidu included good rankings but gradually declining, in the hope you have some understanding of it, it is not one or two days to do the optimization, learning is the insistence of us as.

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