What profit models are there for campus APP

don’t know if you have not noticed, APP is now more and more segments of the ears, IT reported "car APP, fried so fire it’s not worth" the view in this paper is not optimistic about the taxi APP, the campus APP now if not worth their profitability model? What are the possible


APP then causes the fire fried taxi not worth it as we have discussed, here is not to say, the campus APP can be said to be its stark contrast, campus APP more down to earth, without government regulation, not a WeChat public account can be replaced, the value will be greater. So no doubt should be optimistic, then their profit model may be what


forecast 1: advertising revenue

like "accounting qualification examination" and "English essential" of this kind of campus APP, if developers only treat it as a tool, it is not the business of thinking, such as segments of the APP, the target group is very clear, in cooperation with local training institutions or online bookstore will be very good form, can also help other campus APP do promotion, high conversion rate, partner promotion cost will be reduced.

forecast two: value-added services

like "super curriculum", "curriculum lattice" this kind of campus APP, in addition to advertising, can also provide some value-added services for users to profit, such as the opening of membership has more cool gameplay, this kind of APP the user stickiness is relatively high, open rate is high, but every year the loss of a large number of users. The bait is not suitable, only provide unique quality and service can be realized for existing users, in order to have more money to fight the next battle in the next year as an opportunity for competitors, otherwise it is likely to be rich resources of a slow death. (source: IT ears)

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