Real case a day only 100 visitors on the website of the monthly income of 10 thousand yuan


webmaster all know, in general, flow and income is proportional to. But occasionally there are exceptions.

today I will tell you in a real case, even if your website is not high traffic, as long as liquidity, and strive to improve the conversion rate, but also enough to obtain substantial income.

1 [case profile]

first look at the picture:


Figure 1: renovation site traffic map


figure two: customer list

, this is one of my decoration website (to avoid advertising suspect, not write web site), most of the time, the daily traffic is less than 100IP, but it can bring me more than 10 thousand yuan per month income.

2009 August, in the decoration of the house during the construction manager I know I am good at network marketing, take the initiative to find me, if I introduce clients for him, he can according to the actual amount of the contract 10% commission to me (on this point, you can search on Baidu or to the local community site for construction manager). At present, the Wuhan market, the family decoration every single contract amount generally between 4~6 million, that is to say every single commission can reach 4000~6000 yuan. Just attract customers through the network, chat with QQ, and recommend the construction manager. The rest is up to him. It didn’t take much time for me, so we soon talked about the terms of payment and other details and began to cooperate.

1. I first quickly set up a blog, the use of SEO to attract Wuhan city about the decoration of the new owners to browse my website (this point is not difficult for most webmaster). Because there is not much time to talk to too many people (due to work during the day), the traffic flow is controlled below 100IP. I just need the most accurate flow, as far as possible to eliminate all interference, intensive and meticulous farming.

2. through soft Wen and attractive free information to attract potential customers, take the initiative to contact me. (Note: you can’t leave the contact information of the construction manager directly on the site. Please think about why)

3. further introduces decoration experience through QQ to build trust, obtain detailed information about potential customers, and recommend and encourage them to contact the construction manager.

4. construction manager follow up negotiation and sign the bill.

then get commission, communicate regularly, and improve strategies. (Note: in the same way, if it is not feasible to cooperate with the decoration company, please think about why)

I’m taking 2~3 hours of QQ communication every night at present. I can sign 2~3 every month. My income is over 10 thousand yuan, and it’s very stable. < >

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