Webmaster industry analysis of future prospects


as the saying goes, "three hundred and sixty lines make the best", and "line here" means a profession. In fact, as a personal webmaster is also a profession, is a means of livelihood. The so-called "industry station", simple and popular, is a kind of website that serves a certain kind of industry, or profession, and provides a platform for communication and transaction. Personal feeling now for personal Adsense, more promising website types have industry station, local station and webmaster type station. Today, as long as we explore the industry with the station.

speaking of industry station, we will come together today to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the industry. First of all, the industry is limited to the station.

first, this industry do industry website must first of all you have to do the station in this industry have to be familiar with, it is best to itself is done in this industry friends, especially this kind of people more successful. Because you come to this site is to study and exchange to get what you want from here, if you as a webmaster of this industry absolutely ignorant of, tightly with one cavity warm blood to do stand it, you must be very tired and there is no way to quickly gather popularity.

second point is to ask the webmaster has a certain relationship, you can not understand this industry, you do is just a guide and management identity. Then you must have enough contacts, you can choose friends engaged in more industries to make them as your first batch of users, and finally become the core member of the website, and then put them into the network of members of the site, such continuously like a snowball, but also a a good way. If you do not have connections, then advise you do not easily involve industry stations.

third, as an industry station site, must have relatively large capital investment, need team form to operate the website. If you want to join the industry because of personal Webmaster Station is best able to find partners, it’s hard to put industry bigger and stronger, some of the more outstanding industry are to operate in the form of a company.

above is a number of restrictions on the industry site, and then we will work together to analyze the advantages of the industry website.

first industry website to the target user group is relatively concentrated, the needs of the people and to the starting point are the same, is to the same industry and people together to exchange experience or find opportunities for cooperation, as long as you have quality content and services, it is easy to target customers into loyal users, convenient and fast gather popularity.

followed by the industry website profit model is relatively clear, the industry website is actually a kind of integration of resources, an industry gathered together. So long as has the popularity, can produce the very good benefit. There are many profit models for the industry website, which can be used as an intermediary to guarantee transactions for users and earn intermediary fees from them

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