Stationmaster talk about individual stationmaster website construction process

has recently been thinking about a problem, how to make website promotion and optimization ideas into the construction site, without affecting the overall planning and construction site, some time ago when Sisyphus of website construction, I drafted planning we give the establishment of the enterprise process, now want to come, do not apply to many personal Adsense site, today again write an article about personal webmaster site articles. When I started to learn the website promotion and EO, I consider the site more from the website optimization to consider how to build a search engine friendly website, see more with the discovery and practice, which is a big mistake, after all, our website is to show, not the search engine watch look to the search engines, the purpose is for people to see.

Before the site builds,

says, "



personally, I think the process of website construction is divided into seven stages as shown above, in which the first dotted line can be omitted in the construction of the website according to the specific circumstances.

first, website profit analysis. For many personal Adsense, in the construction of the site before, many time and did not consider the website profit model, how to make money through this site. In reality, many successful web site at the beginning of may not specifically consider website profit pattern, finally achieve success by the perfect creative and venture capital investment, none of these is difficult to be successful, for individual webmaster website, want to get VCs favor, is very slim, and perfect creativity is a goodly. So, personal webmaster site before, it is best to consider the website profit model, detailed write down, in the back of the site planning to realize.

, of course, there is also a case does not need to consider the site’s profit model, such as individual owners to build their own blog station, is entirely on the Internet to express opinions, share their experiences and ideas with you. So, in the figure, use the dotted line to analyze the profit model of the website.

second, website target analysis. The goal here is not a general goal. For example, my website is profitable. The goal of such a website is without any real meaning. We need to refine the goals of the website, and we need to rank the goals of the website, select one of the main website goals and secondary website goals. This website needs to be quantifiable and can be monitored, so that in the late implementation of the website to achieve the goal of testing and adjust the structure of the site and web site functional design.

The main

for personal website profitable way to sell products (including services) and selling traffic (mainly through advertising), to sell the traffic site goal should be specific to the daily number of IP, the number of independent IP, what is PV, time on site is much less these specific sites and indexes; the site is to sell the product into the shopping number set, the number of telephone consultation, site specific orders > measurable high low conversion rate of shopping

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