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often when we develop a new potential customers, to visit the many tracking of potential customers, but the problem is, if not all day to call the customer, the customer can be very offensive, but if after a relatively long time to visit clients, customers often forgot we, therefore, how to seize the opportunity of customer visits have become a very important problem of effective tracking the customer.

I have seen "diffusion team marketing system KSM!" ( is applied to the human memory storage of a curve design into customer tracking curve, very effective to solve the above problems with the least amount of telephone number, in the most necessary time to contact customers, and to achieve the best results and even when customers want to buy just at the product we have is like this:

In the process of telephone contact with an unknown client,

will call for the first time, and then there will be second, third, fourth and more… This curve shows that as our number of connections with customers increases, our customers’ retention of our impressions increases as well. This is the human memory energy storage curve that has been analyzed in terms of psychology. Psychology statistics shows that in the first time we gave a strange customer calls, it is necessary for him to visit: must, within 24 hours we otherwise, he was very easy to forget about us, so, we for the first time his link cost is wasted, the next should return he in 3 days, by using this point to limit the effect is completely different: for example, I visit the customer in the limit point, his response was: "Oh, you are a miracle, Edward, I remember the last time you came to the data in the…" The description of the customer, my impression is very deep; if you don’t know the limit point, you might be in 6 or 7 to call him, his response might be: "Ha? Who are you? What? You call?…" Miserable, he has forgotten you, and the two time you touched him before, he did the same thing. So, especially when developing potential customers, it’s critical to grasp the limits of these memories.

followed by a return visit 7 days later. So, we only use the phone four times, usually only talk about 2 minutes or send some information, let a new customer can keep the memories of us are in a month, and we will remember in the call and ask him when necessary, this means asked.

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