Sometimes the individual stationmaster jianhaojiushou

06 years time, just contact to do stand, at that time what all don’t understand, take someone else’s procedure, open a collector a crazy mining, a looks quite formal stand out, of course, the results can be imagined. Then continued to do a few stations are doing to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

slowly, I find that doing stand doesn’t really require you to have too many techniques. The current CMS system has made it possible for a person who can only type to make a very similar station. The most important thing is the heart, should the mind of the input, collection of articles, made a search of a large network, so the user does not have what use? Love, search engine is not love. In this way, I began to work hard to do the station, before the end of the year to do a clothing website, so that my short webmaster career reached a small peak. At that time, all the articles in the station were written carefully by themselves. Sometimes, for a brand which was not very familiar to them, a large amount of data was consulted. A vague picture was re processed with PS. Everything should be done for visitors. After a few months of hard work, the day IP finally reached 4000, and in fact is not too high, but PV is still considerable, because my articles, pictures, visitors like it.

in August, a strange QQ user added me, saying that he appreciated my station and was willing to pay 1W yuan to buy my station. Although it was very exciting, after all, this is my first income than ah, but a day to work hard to pay the station is about to do not belong to themselves, but still a little reluctant to part. What would I do if I didn’t have this station? So I turned him down.

so, after 2 months, I began to regret my stubborn at the time. With the growing web site, when the amount of information is increasing, I feel really too hard, every day will be busy. Maybe this is called the bottleneck effect. Just dealing with pictures and writing articles every day is so busy that I don’t have time to optimize and anything else. Maybe it’s the limit I can handle. Finally, no way to release the sale of information, by the end of the year to 6500 yuan transfer.

personal website, after all, is a personal website, do not count on you to make a Tencent, Sina site like that. When you feel like you’re starting to lose your strength, do it as soon as possible. Of course, if you want to expand, that can be, but that does not belong to this article (personal webmaster) said category. Don’t write too many ways, just tell everyone I stubborn lesson. Now I started a new station, but I fear a repeat, this is the choice of the blog, we are interested can see, the inn: this should not be so tired, but do stand must be carefully! Maybe you can group a team to go to bigger station……

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