Reason to stand my website insists

since that website can make money, almost every day the first thing is often to see. Each reading feeling excited. I benefited. The situation is almost the same as "and staff from an outsider to earn 300 days of hard journey" of the owners. This way you go over. Also learned a lot of things, make a lot of friends. Here I write this time experience bar. Language ability is not good,

one: do not covet station, big content, and do a good job positioning planning,

I think the most new

is like this, always want to do a big station, portal station. Imagine what we CSS HTML the most simple things are sometimes to try to figure out half of the station, I can do the up. Reasonable to their well positioning planning.

two, the choice of site CMS, the choice of touch board

I almost to now most of the CMS are used to build a close, a good.Cms know. Is that OK. Good template template template pretty. All day go to the on-line forum template style. In fact, a template is not necessarily very good will have a gorgeous flow after all. It is not about content. If you really want to pursue the perfect, can take a little money to find someone to make a production. You can find me in touch. Oh


three, content acquisition,

Most new

including me, are the establishment of the station looks like, immediately mining a pass, let go after what the forum qq51 connections. Then for a while to check the statistics. In fact, we all know, a lot of what kind of website has a station. Not all of a sudden fame. Don’t fuck. Hurry. Personal experience: now do all kinds of local debugging, let not a column are slightly collection points, not the home show is not enough, the collected content is slightly modified. The original manual caused the illusion. Let upload space. Insist on daily update 20 articles in time between 0-5 and included. The increase in the number of stable update. Slowly the station will do up to.

four, don’t worry too much about SEO optimization,

will ask her SEO optimization, I think most people are not. Since not. So why do we don’t care about him, the first station, after learning in to find information, learn to practice. Than you get links. Shoot two hawks with one arrow would be more.

five, persistence is king

most of the new people can not do this, I half a day was aware of this. Most of the new I want to do the beginning of the station, the hands of the station did not adhere to a long time to turn off the bar. Not included a few days off, suddenly feel better and do this. Not only in the listen to a good and close the program. See a love of the touch plate but not the CMS.

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